Controller Hardware Information

By Samuel Ortiz,2014-06-29 15:39
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Controller Hardware Information

    Controller Hardware Guide

1. Interface Definition

    J1485 communication interface ---------------13RS485+positive / 24RS485-cathode J2push button--------------------------------------1signal / 2GND

    J3door sensor and assistant input interface------1door sensor 2GND / 3assistant input


     Notice: without door sensor feedback signal, 12 must short circuit on J3. J4J5relay output with power supply/without power supply setting--- 1-2 short circuitoutput

    12V+ / 2-3short circuitno

    J6J7relay output--------------------------1normal open / 2?公共端 / 3normal close J8WIEGAND interface----------------------112V+output / 4GND / 2DATA1 / 3DATA0 J912V direct current input interface ----112V+input / 2GND

    2. Controller Parameter SettingSW1 function key information as follow: Position 1 on SW1 denotes registration/verification option setting: position 1 on denotes

    registration; position 1 off denotes verification. The definition of the cooperation of Position 234 and position 1 as follow: Position Position 2 ON registers in Group A Notice: position234 ON, position 2 is valid; 1 ON Position 234 OFF, 则不增加?Only 34 ON, Position 3 ON registers in Group B

    only 3 is valid; only 24 ON, only 2 is valid. Position 4 ON registers in Group C

    Position Position 2 ON, two of the ID(random) verification Notice: Position 234 OFF denotes one ID 1 OFF from three groups(random); all position ON or Position 3 ON, one ID from Group C and one ID from

    two of them(random) ON, according to the Group A,B,C verification.

    parameter setting. Position 4 ON, one ID from each group of Group A,B

    & C, three ID verification together.

The control logic parameter above also can be set on computer.

    Controller restore after position 6 on SW1 turn to ON10 seconds. Notice: all of the

    information will be deleting after you execute this step. Be careful!

    Position 5 on SW1 ON denotes assistant valid. It is used in linkage lock between two controllers

    Position 7 on SW1 is the duration setting: ON denotes 1second duration, OFF denotes 5 seconds duration (pc can modify the parameter)

    3. SW2 function key corresponding the address code

    All the ON of position 1-6 on SW2 denotes 1, “OFF” denotes 0,used in binary system

    denotes following address:

    Position 6 5 4 3 2 1 Corresponding address code