Controller Hardware Information

By Samuel Ortiz,2014-06-29 15:39
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Controller Hardware Information

    Controller Hardware Guide

1. Interface Definition

    J1485 communication interface ---------------13RS485+positive / 24RS485-cathode J2push button--------------------------------------1signal / 2GND

    J3door sensor and assistant input interface------1door sensor 2GND / 3assistant input


     Notice: without door sensor feedback signal, 12 must short circuit on J3. J4J5relay output with power supply/without power supply setting--- 1-2 short circuitoutput

    12V+ / 2-3short circuitno

    J6J7relay output--------------------------1normal open / 2?公共端 / 3normal close J8WIEGAND interface----------------------112V+output / 4GND / 2DATA1 / 3DATA0 J912V direct current input interface ----112V+input / 2GND

    2. Controller Parameter SettingSW1 function key information as follow: Position 1 on SW1 denotes registration/verification option setting: position 1 on denotes

    registration; position 1 off denotes verification. The definition of the cooperation of Position 234 and position 1 as follow: Position Position 2 ON registers in Group A Notice: position234 ON, position 2 is valid; 1 ON Position 234 OFF, 则不增加?Only 34 ON, Position 3 ON registers in Group B

    only 3 is valid; only 24 ON, only 2 is valid. Position 4 ON registers in Group C

    Position Position 2 ON, two of the ID(random) verification Notice: Position 234 OFF denotes one ID 1 OFF from three groups(random); all position ON or Position 3 ON, one ID from Group C and one ID from

    two of them(random) ON, according to the Group A,B,C verification.

    parameter setting. Position 4 ON, one ID from each group of Group A,B

    & C, three ID verification together.

The control logic parameter above also can be set on computer.

    Controller restore after position 6 on SW1 turn to ON10 seconds. Notice: all of the

    information will be deleting after you execute this step. Be careful!

    Position 5 on SW1 ON denotes assistant valid. It is used in linkage lock between two controllers

    Position 7 on SW1 is the duration setting: ON denotes 1second duration, OFF denotes 5 seconds duration (pc can modify the parameter)

    3. SW2 function key corresponding the address code

    All the ON of position 1-6 on SW2 denotes 1, “OFF” denotes 0,used in binary system

    denotes following address:

    Position 6 5 4 3 2 1 Corresponding address code

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    0 0 0 0 0 1 1

    0 0 0 0 1 0 2


    1 1 1 1 1 1 63

    4. Make use of assistant relay linkage lock

    Linkage door function realizes the process -the first door must be closed after come into the first door if you want to come into the second door. Turn position 5 on SW1 to ON, connect the normal close end of one controller to the assistant input end on the other controller (3 Bit); connect the 公共端of J7 to GND(random) of J3; connect the two controller. If you want to use this function, you must use door sensor signal.

    Cutline as follow:

5. EM Lock connects way cutlines as follow:

6. Input & Output point Information

    6.1 Door Sensor Switch: used for confirm the open/close status, the switch close when the door is closed; the switch disconnect when the door is open.

    6.2 Push button: usually keep the status of disconnect, the circuit connect when the push button is pressed, the controller act according to the request.

    6.3 relay normal open/normal close NC point: when the relay is open circuit, the 公共端COM

    and normal open NO point keep open, the COM and the normal close NC connect. It is reverse

    when the relay is electrified.

    6.4 EM LOCK open when there is power: the lock is automatic locked when the EM LOCK is

    open circuit; the lock is normal open when there is power. It is used in the environment where keep security without power, that is ensure public security without power.

    6.5 EM LOCK open when there is no power: the lock is open when there is power; the lock is

    locked when there is no power. It is used in the environment where people can come in the protect area freely, that is security without power.

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