keys to Unit One

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keys to Unit One

1. 1)A 2)B 3)A 4)A 5)B 6)C 7)A 8)C

    2. killed wounded arrived girl badly/seriously blood none American

    type orphans French difficulty frightened would cried Vietnamese

    found understand willing friend

    3. V=Vietnamese nurse H=Heng N=Navy nurse

    V: Is it hurting, Heng?

    H: No.

    V: So why are you crying? Is there anything wrong?

    H: Im sad that I will have to leave the world. Im a little scared before I die. I dont want to

    die, but I dont want my friend to die, either.

    V: Why do you think you are going to die?

    H: The doctor said unless I gave all my blood to my friend, she would certainly die.

    V: You must have misunderstood him. You only have to give some of you blood to the girl.

    This wont do any harm to your health.

    H: Really? Are you sure?

    V: yes. Have a good sleep now. when you wake up, I’m sure youll be as strong as before.

    V: (to the Navy nurse) he thought he was dying. He misunderstood you. He thought you had

    asked him to give all his blood to the little girl so that she could live.

    N: but why would he be willing to do that?

    V: Heng, the Navy nurse wants to know why you would be willing to give all your blood to

    the little girl.

    H: she my friend.


    1. reply land pat supplied wound pat replied signed wounded supplies sign balance land balance

    2. run: D A C E F B;

     match: E B G D C F A

    3. Insert in the balance requests relief let out tiny steady stiff occasional misunderstood limited action


    1. Im tired. I shouldnt have gone to bed so late last night.

    2. I dont/didnt know Bob very well, but we go/went out for an occasional drink together. 3. Were supposed to meet her at the train station.

    4. You could clearly see people drowning, but/and yet you took no action to save them.. 5. Including weekends, there are only twelve more days to buy Christmas presents. 6. Without immediate action, many kinds of wild animals would die from hunger. Part three

    Further Development

    Grammar Review

    B: Well, he should have bought new batteries the day before.

    B: He should have spent more time memorizing new words and phrases before the exam. If he had worked harder, he would not have found the exam so difficult.

    B: Thats too bad. But he really shouldnt have stayed up the night before the exam.

    B: Really? He should have cheated on the exam.

Vocabulary Review

    1. A. Though/Although B. though C. though

    2. A. Reply/answer B. answer C. replying

    3. A. speaks B. speak C. talking D. speak/talk

    4. A. injured B hurt C. wounded/injured D. wounds

    5. a. houses B. apartment, apartments

    6. A. aside B. apart C. aside/apart

    7. A. requests B; requested C. demanded D. demands

    8. A. border B; boundary C. boundary

    What Makes an Ideal Roommate?

    Sample 1

    In addition to those listed in the book, my ideal roommate would also be: someone who does not smoke; a responsible and honest person; some one who does not snore while sleeping; the best student in my class; someone who does not stay up too late; someone who does not have a boyfriend(or a girlfriend); someone who is from a rich family; an independent person; someone who does not interfere in my private affairs; a tolerate person; a trustworthy person, etc. It Make Me Feel So Good


    Sometimes I feel good about myself when I’ve been able to contribute a little bit to my

    relationships with others. I remember what I did for Xiao Li, my next -door neighbor and good friend. Last summer Xiao Li got seriously ill and was in the hospital for 5 weeks.

    At the beginning I didnt know what I could do for him. I went to Mom for advice. Mom

    thought about it for a while and said, well, the only thing I can tell you is to be available when he wants you to be availablenot when you want to be available . I took Moms advice seriously. I

    thought, How am I going to be available to him? I love traveling. And have planned to travel in the summer.

    I decided I would call him on the phone every day when I was traveling and I’d go and see

    him in the hospital and do what I could for him when I was back home. So when Xiao Li recovered and left the hospital I felt so happy.

    When Your Neighbor Is in Need of Help


    Step one

    A young woman was walking along the streets of a middle-class neighborhood in New York at 3:00 am, when she was attacked. She screamed for help and managed to escape. A few minutes later her attackers caught her again and she continued screaming for half an hour while 38 neighbors watched terrified from their windows and did nothing. They didnt even call the police.

    Kitty died of multiple stab wounds(多处刺伤)

    Step Two


    I think there are several reasons for that. First, those people were rather cowardly and selfish. When they heard someone screaming late at night, they thought that was dangerous so they just stood back and watched someone get killed in front of them. They preferred to protect themselves rather than get involved and risk being injured or even killed. Second, they felt that there are already institutions in cities to deal with this kind of problem. They didnt think they needed to

    intervene because the police would do something for them. Finally, it is possible that those people were so terrified that they could not think clearly or take action to protect the woman. 2) Sample

    I dont know. Maybe I would rush to the street and try to protect the woman. I think more people would come to help when they realized what was really happening. Maybe I would call the police. But I’m afraid that when the police arrived, she might already have been killed. Or maybe I would be too scared to give any help. I might simply close the window and put my ear plugs in. these are the different things I might do on such an occasion, but I believe its most likely that I would call

    the police.

    Part Four



    When you need help, you should not hesitate to ask for it. There are two reasons for you to do so. First, sometimes in our lives we all have pain and sorrow, so we all need somebody to lean on. For example, when we are angry, we need someone who is willing to listen to our complaints and to comfort us. Sometimes it is very likely that the one whom you have asked for help may need your help some day in the future. By helping each other, we become friends. The other reason is that on one can help you if you are too proud to let others know what you want. So next time if you have trouble, if you need somebody to lean on, dont hesitate to ask for help. When one day somebody

    else needs your help, lend him a hand or let him lean on you.

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