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    March 28 night

    Its still raining outside. Sitting in the bed, I want to tell the story of our spring outing.

    The first part is named planning and waiting excitedly.

    Last week, the most stirring guy in our class, Zhao Wei, suggested we go out for a spring outing. Nearly everybody responded to the single call because it was supposed to be the biggest collegial activity our class could have. The monitor, Dabai found us Yesanpo in Hebei province, which was far from any flourishing and noisy city and need 4 hours by train to be there. We made preparations for tickets, food, booked rooms, even the chickens for barbecue. We were all like fizz wine in the whole week, waiting for the day outing and expecting an impressive journey.

    Then is the part of setting out.

    The time of entraining for Yesanpo is 5:40 .pm today. We had planed to set out from school at 4:pm to get to the west railway station once the class was over. However, some unexpected things happened. To wait Clarissa, a quarter of the girls in our class, we girls stayed in school while the guys went to the subway station. Then we girls the chose bus to get to the railway station, which was a really stupid way considering the traffic condition 5:pm in Beijing. God knows what we were thinking about! We just neglected the traffic jam!

    At 4:30, we were still in the bus, worrying about the ticking time. The bus was crawling, slower and slower.

    At 4:50, the bus was caught into the classic and magnificent long lines of


    vehicles. It’s really ironic to find that private cars blocked their owner on the road, no matter how he or she is vexed, Benz or Dazhong( a common brand in China known as inexpensive). We didn’t come to ourselves and jump off the bus until that time. There was no subway station nearby. Since it began to rain, we found a taxi-cab 15 minutes later. After getting into it, we spent 10 minutes to find a strip to break away from the jam, and 10 more minutes to arrive in the nearest subway station.

    It was 5:10 now. We had to take the subway twice, walk about 200 meters to arrive in the west railway station in 30 minutes. It was a some kind of impossible task, but we were so dying for the long planed journey that none of us suggested giving up. We even planed to get to Yeshanpo ourselves. The guys, together with the guider called us a lot, told us which line wed better to follow from the time we got off the


    5:40, we got to the museum, the nearest stop to the railway station. The guider called us again and brought the last thing we would like to listen, that the train had left. Whats more, only two train got there per day and this was the latter one , and no coaches any more that day. So those means we had no choice but to went back to school to kill our holiday in finishing our homework, including this journal, after my feet dunked in the shoes filled with dirty water, after our most crazy action just for a spring outing in a rainy day.

    6:40, we shared our food in a bus, which was supposed to be shared at some scenic place with all the girls and guys of our class. The vision was a litter cruel.

    What the guys were doing? It’s the question wandering in my mind that night


    and the next day, until they came back. They pasted the funny pictures taken at Yeshanpo onto the internet, which made us laughing a lot. Some old friends of the guys left their wonderment: no girls in your class? Terrible! To comfort ourselves, I would like to say that it’s a great pity we lost the chance to enjoy a splendid spring outing, but we are luck enough to get together, sharing the most splendid 4 years in our lives.


    March 30

    Spring has coming! From the time the ice began to thaw and the wind blow softly, from the time the weeping willows greened by the sunshine and began to flaunt, primrose radiated its golden color, spring rushed here and have made a big change. A neoteric in China wrote an essay to compare the autumn of Beijing and that of the south, and now it makes me have an idea to compare their springs.

    The spring of Beijing is charactered by transitoriness compared with the south because the winter here leaves later but the summer comes at the same date. However for the poets in ancient China, they would never be pleased with the length of spring even in the south, therefore this offered them a theme to express their complex feeling to spring involved affection, treasuring and sorry for its leaving on the instant, of course some plaint about their own experience.

    The catkins are flaunting everywhere, which is another thing different from the south. Sometimes they are so gossamer and elvish, like the pixies flying in the wind. You stretch out your hand, want to hold one gently, but at the moment you have touched his floss, he flee at once. Sometimes they are annoying, stay on your clothes and not going to leave. But at most of the times, they fly con amore in your sight, which add some femininity for the healthy, forthright temperament of Beijing. At my hometown, a village in Hunan province, the air is moist and fresh, sweet-smelling without catkins, and everything is verdant and water profusion. You don’t need any

    cosmetic to keep your skin moist there in the four seasons. In the rainy days, the sky likes a wash( 水墨画;a kind of brushwork , shuimohua in pinyin, painted with brush


    pen and paper with good moisture permeability. I try not explain it to you, Alec, but Im not sure if I have made it clear enough for you to get the right meaning.)

    The spring in Beijing and in my hometown have different absorbing things. The spring here is like a vigorous, sunny, neat young woman while the spring in my hometown is a feminine girl, also vital but a little melancholy. They both fascinate me.


    April 1, sunny

    Today is the April Fools’ Day, the first day of April. I’m happy that March has finally become history. The month just passed is really hard for me because I took part in the Fengru Cup Science and Technical Competition, which is the grand-scale Sci&Tec competition in BUAA. There is no exaggeration to say it has drawn me crazy. But the reason is not only that the paper is difficult to finish, but also the problem to make the paper format meet the specification.

    Our item is a paper based on an experiment about detecting objects’ 3-D surface

    of both continuous and discontinuous using phase-shift technical. The technique is set up by 2-D digital image processing of the grating projected on 3-D surface, by means of program designed, automatic measurement of 3-D object shape is achieved.

    The part of the detecting object shape with continuous surface has been finished in the last summer vacation. We three guys nearly devoted a month to it. It’s a litter bitter to recall that month. Neither difficult, nor complex as it appearance, but we wasted about half a month in the lab because a small mistake. According to the theory, the 3-D surface of the object could be easily obtained. To make things easier, our teacher offered us the programmes to progress the data of the crucial steps. We tried dozens of times, changing the system parameters one by one and litter by litter, but couldnt find any rule in the consequences. Finally we found the problem lied in one of the programmes the teacher gave us, and we solved it. But we were exhausted by this repeating and boring proceeding, thus were not care enough about the track


    record of the data which brought us into a big trouble. After the experiment, we summarized the process of the experiment, gave the suggestion about adjusting of the experiment system, and a litter analyze of the consequence, according to the request of the teacher.

    We used this experiment to take part in the competition, but the data record was inadequate. And when we decided to be in the field, the time left is insufficient to complete it again, because the vidicon was changed so the former data didnt serve

    the turn of the new one, additionally the new one had limitation in regulation. So we just add the part of detecting the object shape with discontinuous surface.

    After I completed the first draft of the paper, I thought I was close to the end of this awful thing. But then I found its not so simple. The school was always had a

    talent to make simple things become complicated. Once I finished the format alteration, I can always found the specification was changed. Finally when I made it looked right, I was told that it just looked right and something must be changed.

    Now almost all is done except the show. I’m so relieved that I have finished it.

    Now I can move on to work on my courses. Well, it’s not so bad. At least I practiced

    using Word which can save my time when I write my dissertation.


    April 6 sunny

    Rain man

    The plot development of Rain man just like a river that drops from the cliff in rage at the beginning, and then gradually run deep and peacefully. It tells us a story about the natural love between brothers which move everyone who have seen it. But

    m concerned, its more a movie inspires thoughts about our life style and as far as I’

    orientation than a moving comedy.

    Charlie stands for the modern world. He is realistic and aggressive to success, money, pays less attention to the balanced relationship between people. Charlie says to a nurse He (Raymond) lives in his own world. in a doctors waiting room. Poor

    Charlie, he doesn’t know everyone lives in his own world, especially himself, because he just concerned about himself until he meets Raymond when he grows up. As to Raymond, he seems to live in the Garden of Eden. He has no common sense. Money, competition, sex, success have nothing to do with him, but routine TV program is important, the content of dinner is important, shorts of special kind is important, and Charlie Babbitt is important. He is easy to be satisfied, which makes him live like a saint.

    In the modern life, most people live Charlies life style; the difference just lay in

    the extent. We are spinning around busy with all the odds we seem to have to deal with, ignore the valuable things we should cherish. Sometimes we choose the track everyone runs on it when we even dont know if it is proper with us, so we often get

    lost. To my appointment, the course of life is the most important thing; we have to


    pursue our goal holding a clear and proper attitude and enjoy the course.

    At the beginning of the story, we could see a severe crash between the respectable worlds of Charlie and Raymond. The brothers couldnt understand each

    other. Sometimes Charlie will shout at Raymond like out of control.

    However, in the late week the brothers spend with each other, some subtle feelings are changing. Charlie became to realize he has always being loved by his father and brother, that he hasn’t be deserted. And he knows that love from family is

    the very thing he has always being pursuing without conscious. An image is very impressive to me. When the first time Charlie knows Raymond is Rain man who appeared indistinctly in his childhood memory, singing songs for him what warmed him all the time, his attitude to his brother changes at once. He even helps Ray take off his shoes and teaches him to dance instead of making fun of him.

    Charlie gives up the litigation to look after his brother at last, not for the reason that he dont need the estate any more but for that he thinks his brother need professional care. Even the rock would be moved by the plot where the brothers meet the lawyer and the doctor. Raymonds paradoxical words, and the care showed by

    Charlie exposes the deepest love between the brothers. At railway station of departure, when the train begins to pull out, Raymond has engaged in the TV shows as routine, but Charlie remains there for a while, seems have got something, maybe hearing Raymonds songs again.


    April 13 Sunny

    There is always some exciting thing in my life. On the morning yesterday, I received a short message that I should prepare for a two minutes’ talk to show how

    excellent our class was. I was a little bothered because I was not so familiar with the development of the guys this year, which was a result that the concept of the class was weaken in collage, and the chance for communicating face to face between girls and boys are rare. Additionally, as far as I knew, our class was not so favorable according to the standard of the common sense of teachers. Concerning more in other field but our major, always being active in almost everything except studying hard on the courses, their unique characteristics individuated them from the others.

    To prepare for the two minutes, I called a guy to give me an introduction of the menfolks current state, who in charge of the matters related to the construction of the party. We spent 40 minutes on this issue together with our lunch, and then I thought I have obtained all the stuff I need. I was pleasantly surprised to find that from last semester, most guys except Zhu had found their orientation and objectives, and have being work on them to get prepared for their future. If the guy couldnt get the

    convenient of being recommended for admission to school, he decided to pass the entrance examination, either the current major or anther he interested in. This was considered the most traditional, safe and classic way to the future. Besides, the PC games time were reduced even for the guys who once totally indulged in it. Being a so-called protagonist of the class, I was not a much employed one, but I do proud for their determination and hard work. No matter what you want to do, who you want to


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