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    Some say television can destroy family communication. What is your opinion?

    Many people have a love-hate relationship with television. It is undoubtedly an important source of information and entertainment. Yet, if often comes in for much criticism. Some of this criticism focuses on the lack of communication. It is alleged that television has destroyed communication among family members. Is this allegation (断言, 声称)


    Admittedly, nowadays family members do not communicate so often as they did decades ago, and television seems to be the contributor. Many people prefer to eat their meals in front of television, even when other family members are present. The attraction of television is greater than the prospect (前景;期望) of talking to their family. Even worse, in recent years it has become common for family members to have individual sets in their own rooms. Everyone is watching programs of his own choice and few talk to each other. The result is a decrease in family communication.

However, we cannot lay () this failure in communication solely on

    television, because there have been sociological (社会学的) changes, other

    than TV viewing, which have contributed greatly to the decrease in communication. Nowadays, children and parents are much busier than their previous generations. Adults work longer hours and children have a wider range of interests and businesses. Besides, mothers are more likely

to work, and the meals often take the form of (采取的形式) convenience

    food. Thus, family members are not always at home at the same time, even

    for family meals. Consequently, the opportunities for family conversation are not great.

Overall, television causes a certain degree of isolation(孤独,孤僻), but it is

    not the only culprit (罪人) in the breakdown (崩溃, 破坏) of family

    communication, and it is likely a factor. Television must shoulder some

    responsibility, but it is never the whole story. 282 words

1. come in for criticism 8. prospect 15. a wide range of

    2. focus on 9. individual 16. take the form of

    3. allege 10. lay sth. on sth. 17. consequently

    4. allegation 11. solely = only 18. overall

    5. fair 12. sociological 19. isolation

    6. admittedly 13. contribute greatly to 20. culprit

    7. contributor 14. previous generations 21. breakdown

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