The first time you use the GradeMaster 600 scantron machine with a

By Hector Armstrong,2014-06-17 21:51
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The first time you use the GradeMaster 600 scantron machine with a

    GradeMaster 600 scanner Installing the hardware: Configuring Drivers

    The first time you use the GradeMaster 600 scantron

    machine with a computer, you’ll need to link the

    hardware to the drivers (which should already be

    installed) on your computer. If, during the installation

    process, you discover that the drivers or any of the

    folders mentioned were not installed (i.e. there’s no

    “Apperson Education” folder, etc.), email the Tech

    Liaison ( the Dell Tag # of your

    computer, and she’ll take care of it a.s.a.p. Or, your

    Department Tech Rep may be able to assist you.

1. Plugin the scanner’s power adapter. “Ready” should appear on the scanner’s display.

    2. Connect the scanner to the computer via the USB cable (if the cable is missing, Hilary can

    give the Department a new one—they’re common cables).

3. A “Found New Hardware Wizard” window should popup. Select the “No, not this time

    radio button, and click the “Next >” button.

4. There are two pieces of hardware inside the GradeMaster 600 scantron machine, so you will

    need to repeat the directions below two times.

    a. You may see “This wizard helps you install software for: GradeMaster 600 scanner

    or “CP210x USB Composite Device,” etc. Basically, your computer has no idea and

    is guessing. ; Some machines are smarter than others.

    Check the “Install from a list or specified location (Advanced)” radio button, and

    then click the “Next” button.

    b. Select the “Search for the best driver in these locations radio button,

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    GradeMaster 600 scanner Installing the hardware: Configuring Drivers

    c. uncheck the “Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM)” option,

    d. check the “Include this location in the search:” option, and then

    e. type the location of the driver in the box, or find it using the “Browse” button. The

    driver is located at C:\Program Files\Apperson Education Products\Datalink


    f. Click the “Next >” button

    g. A window may popup showing the installation progress. When you see the

    “Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard” window, click “Finish.”

h. The first time you go through these directions, in the taskbar (lower-right corner of

    the screen), a series of bubbles will popup, as the computer checks to see if it can

    communicate properly with the GradeMaster 600 scanner. Because the GradeMaster

    scanner is a composite (more than one thing in the same machine) device, there is a

    second hardware component that needs to be installed, so go back to “a” and run

    through the installation again for the second driver. Do not pass Go, do not collect

    $200. ;

    If the “Found New Hardware” wizard window does not popup again… THAT’S IT!!

    You’ve told your computer how to communicate with both pieces of hardware inside

    the GradeMaster 600 scantron machine, and you’re ready to start scanning tests and

    working with the data in the DataLink program.

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