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    How to grow nano rod?

    A.How to use thermal evaporator system for the deposition of Ag on AAO (insulator) template.

    1.Turn on R/P (Rotation pump), Then F/V falve vase, Then D/P diffusion pump

    Note: AAO template is white and transparent part is to stick the tape.

    2.Paste the tape on AAO template and keep it on the holder of vacuum chamber.3.On the ventilator (oxygen)

    Caution: Don’t open vacuum chamber before turning on ventilator.4.On upper side of chamber there is small disk adjust hold on that, turn on the shutter and put silver

    (Ag) on boat or strip made of tungsten (W).

    5.NOTE: After turning off F/V we can turn on R/V, not at the same time. Turn on Rotation


    6.Turn on Main valve (M/V).

    7.Now pressure is decreasing inside the chamber. We can observe in the window.

    -2 8.We will wait for the pressure to decrease to 2 * 10 or (2.5-2).

    9.Now turn off R/V, turn on F/V and turn on M/V to get high vacuum.

    -5-610.Now wait for one hour to increase the vacuum to the value 1 * 10 to 10

    11.Turn on power.

    12.Set the film number, thickness and impudence. e.g. 150nm thickness of the Ag that is going to be


    13. Thermal source(1 for left,2 for right)

    14.Set left doubtful(may be 2)

    15.Turn on power near voltmeter and shutter.

    16.Set current 50A for 2 minute(for uniformity we can control the current)17.Start thickness

    18.We need 1 A/sec

    19.Rate 1.5 of silver deposition

    20.Upward window will show temperature on substrate.

    21.Now turn off thermal power when machine is stopped after desired thickness.

22.After 5 minutes turn off M/V.

    23.Turn on ventilator for atmospheric pressure.

    24.Turn on shutter to rotate slide covering the boat.

    25.Put off AAO template with silver deposited on it.

    26.Turn off F/V first

    -227.Then turn on R/V to get reading 3 *10

    28. Stop R/V.

    29.If you are last person turn off D/O until temperature goes down to the value 15/16.30.Turn off F/V then R/P.

    31.Main power both

    32.The materials that we can study in thermal evaporator in common SAINT lab are:


    B.Chemical vapor deposition of Ag/Au on AAO template having silver layer for its conduction.

    Note: Paste Al foil on holder for electrodes.

    1.Connect working electrode (W/E) RED with Aluminum foil on which AAO template is placed

    with silver layer grown for its conduction.

    2.Cathode electrode (C/E) Black dipped in solution.

    3.Reference electrode (R/E) green/Red dipped in solution.

    4.Clean platinum strip with DI water.

    5.We will use NaCl2 as reference electrode.

    Note: we should use AAO template of small diameter.

    Caution: Silver and Gold platting solutions are very toxic.

    6.First put silver solution and connect potential with the solution and electrodes.

    7.Turn on computer and on software General purpose electrochemical system.8.Edit procedure window of (GPEC).

9.Set First conditioning potential (-0.95).

    10.Set equilibration time 4 Sec

    11.Stand by potential means that potential we are applying for electrochemical process first


    12.Number of potential Step 1

    13.Charge (q) will be controlled for the sacrificial silver layer.14.Charge should reach to 500C.

    Note: we should wash electrode with DI water and dry by nitrogen gas tungsten before

    changing the solution.

    15.Repeat the same steps by using gold platting solution.

    16.Clean glass and keep it in oven to dry.

    17.Remove template and wash it with DI water and dry it by nitrogen gas to get dry.18.Wash electrodes

    19.Dip all the things in DI water to clean them.

    How to get DI water?

    I.Fill the jar/bottle outside and turn on Full button.


    III.After conductivity of water is low on the valve.

    IV.Clean all the beakers you have used with DI water.

    20.After that put nanorod within DI water for 30minutes.

    21.Then put it in nitric acid to remove silver layer.(5-10minutes)22.Clean with DI water.

    23.Then use NAOH to separate nanorod use plastic pen type jar.

    24.Centrifuge after one hour and see.


    Set up then enter and run, set R evolutions per second up to 4000.(time 2Sec)26.Put in Di water after observing yellowish color of nanorod in NAOH then wash with DI

    water for 5 times and centrifuge 5 times by dipping in Di water.

27.After that get a silicon small wafer and placed it on hot plate and get the nanorod through

pipette on wafer, it will stick on the wafer and will be ready for mask aligner.

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