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     April 6-10, 2009. Kathmandu, Nepal

    Scientific Programme

Conference Venue : Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

    th Sunday, 5April 2009 14.00 17.00 hrs. Registration.

    th Monday,6April 2009 08.30 09.00 hrs. Registration.

     09.00 09.30 hrs. Welcome and Inauguration.

    Session -1 Speakers Chair : J.T.Mendonca

    The Earth’s Magnetosphere C-G Fälthammar, 09.30 -10.00 hrs as a Key to the Plasma Sweden Universe.

    Research and development C.Varandas, physics and technology 10.00 - 10.30 hrs issues towards fusion Portugal energy.

    R.Tucker, Electromagnetic interactions 10.30 11.00 hrs with matter. UK

    11.00 11.30 hrs Tea

    Collisional Absorption in P.Mulser, Strong Laser Fields 11.30 12.00 hrs -A critical review and new Germany results.

    Characterization of E.Wintner, nanosecond laser-induced 12.00 12.20 hrs Austria plasmas.

    Generation of intense

    attosecond pulses and High-R. Ondarza-Rovira, 12.20 12.40 hrs order harmonic emission Mexico from laser-dense plasma


    Indian thermonuclear fusion H.C.Pant, programme: A Historical 12.40 13.00 hrs perspective and recent India efforts.

    13.00 14.30 hrs Lunch

    Session -2 Speakers Chair: N. Borisenko

    Plasma Edge Control by M.Becoulet, 14.30 14.50 hrs Stochastic Magnetic Fields in France Tokamaks.

    On the applicability of Heavy

    Ion Beam Probing (HIBP) for M. Siegrist, 14.50 15.10 hrs the highly shaped modern Switzerland tokamaks by example of


    A “circuital model” of M.Pinheiro, 15.10- 15.30 hrs anomalous diffusion in cold Portugal magnetized plasmas.

    Electron beam amplification Adel M. El-Nadi, of microwaves in a 15.30- 15.50 hrs magnetized plasma-filled Egypt waveguide. 15.50-16.20 hrs Tea

    R.J.Hosking, 16.20-16-40 hrs Plasma Viscosity. Brunei

    High luminance EUV K.Kolacek, 16.40-17.00 hrs radiation source based on Czech Rep. exploding wire in water. To be announced Welcome party

    thTuesday, 7 April 2009

    Session -3 Speakers Chair : P.Mulser

    V.Fortov, Plasma under extreme 09.00 09.30 hrs conditions. Russia

    Intense heavy ion beams for

    research in extreme B.Sharkov, 09.30 -10.00 hrs state of matter and new Russia generation of nuclear

    energy technologies.

    Running against the clock in F.Pegoraro, 10.00 - 10.30 hrs vortex- induced magnetic Italy reconnection.

    Hard X-ray sources based on D.A. Jaroszynski, 10.30 11.00 hrs laser- plasma wakefield UK accelerators. 11.00 11.30 hrs Tea

    Plasma nanoscience: K.Ostrikov, Controlling self- organized 11.30 11.50 hrs nanoworld, building frontier Australia nanotechnologies.

    Atmospheric microplasmas D.Mariotti, and applications: From 11.50 12.10 hrs nanofabrication to hydrogen USA production.

    Magnetohydrodynamic “cat G.N.Throumoulopoulos, 12.10 12.30 hrs eyes" and stabilizing effects Greece of plasma flow.

    Advances on real time M.Manso, 12.30 12.50 hrs reflectometry for plasma Portugal position control on ITER.

    Non-linear absorption and A. A. Ionin, ionization of atomic and 12.50-13.10 hrs molecular gases by intense Russia UV.

13.10 14.30 hrs Lunch

    Session -4 Speakers Chair : V.Krishan

    On the photon position O.Keller, 14.30 14.50 hrs operator concept in a solid-Denmark state plasma 14.50 15.10 hrs R.M. Kiehn, Plasmas and non-equilibrium

    thermodynamics. USA

    Selected pre-poster Authors to be communicated 15.10 16.30 hrs presentations soon.

    16.30 18.30 hrs Tea Poster session.

     thWednesday, 8 April 2009

    Session -5 Speakers Chair : L.N. Jha

    HiPER : the path to laser D.Neely, 09.00 09.30 hrs fusion and related plasma UK science in Europe.

    A.N. Starodub, Inertial confinement fusion 09.30 -10.00 hrs and related topics. Russia

    Progress in proton M. Borghesi, 10.00 - 10.30 hrs radiography for diagnosis of UK ICF -relevant plasmas.

    Investigations of fast P. McKenna, 10.30 11.00 hrs electron transport in hot UK dense plasma. 11.00 11.30 hrs Tea

    C. Stehlé , Scaling from astrophysics 11.30 11.50 hrs to the laboratory and vice-France versa : the power of simulations

    Plasma experiments aimed S.Anan’ev, at inertial confinement 11.50 12.10 hrs fusion at the s-300 pulsed Russia power machine

    Recent progress in self-M.Kalal, navigation of laser drivers 12.10 12.30 hrs on IFE pellets using SBS Czech Rep pcm approach.

    Challenges for Applications R.Walter, 12.30 12.50 hrs of Electric Discharge Gas USA Lasers

    Time -resolved optical

    emission spectroscopy V.Stancalie, Demonstrating the 12.50-13.10 hrs importance of Dn = 0 Romania Transitions in the opacity of


    Treatment of materials by O.N. Krokhin, plasma jets and 13.10 13.30 hrs shockwaves generated in Russia plasma focus device. 13.30hrs Lunch

    thThursday, 9 April 2009

    Session -6 Speakers Chair : L.N. Jha

    Non-equilibrium plasma XinPei Lu, 09.00 09.30 hrs jets: From fundamentals to Rep. China the modern applications.

    Solar coronal heating by G. Vekstein, 09.30 -10.00 hrs nanoflares: History and UK recent advancements.

    Energy loss and charge D.H.H. Hoffmann, 10.00 - 10.30 hrs state of heavy ions in Germany plasma and related topics.

    Laser plasma accelerators V. Malka, 10.30 11.00 hrs delivering a fully tunable France and stable electron beam.

Parallel Session Room A

    Session -7 Speakers Chair : V.Stancalie

    Low ion-velocity slowing C. Deutsch, 11.30 11.50 hrs down in a strongly France magnetized plasma target

     A. F. Lifschitz, Modelling of laser -plasma 11.50 12.10 hrs electron accelaration. France

    J.P. Périn, Laser MégaJoules 12.10 12.30 hrs Cryogenic Target Devices. France

    Unexpected laser-light N. Borisenko, 12.30 12.50 hrs heating of foil through the Russia polymer aerogel/plasma. 12.50-13.10 hrs N.Rudraiah, Electrohydrodynamics of

    Raleigh- Taylor instability in India a couple stress fluid layer. 13.10 14.30 hrs Lunch

    Session -8 Speakers Chair : M.Kalal

    ITB Oscillations in Fully J.P.S.Bizarro, 14.30 14.50 hrs Non- Inductive Advanced Portugal Tokamaks.

    Methodology for study of J. M. Perlado, Chamber Damage and 14.50 15.10 hrs Activation effects in IFE Spain HiPER facility.

    Numerical analysis of direct M. Ishikawa, energy conversion applied 15.10- 15.30 hrs to advanced fusion Japan reactors.

    O. Renner, Laser-produced plasma-15.30- 15.50 hrs wall interaction. Czech Rep

    15.50-16.20 hrs Tea

    Soft x-ray point source V.I. Zaitsev, based on a gas pinch 16.20-16.40 hrs special gas density Russia distribution.

    Carbon arc, DC jet and RF A. Huczko, 16.40-17.00 hrs plasma as a source of Poland nanocarbon materials. To be announced Cultural programme and


Parallel Session Room B

    Session -7 Speakers Chair : R.Hosking

    Hydrodynamics of Laser

    Plasma Expansion: A.Aliverdiev, Comparison Experimental 11.30 11.50 hrs Data with one- dimensional Russia and two-dimensional


    Laser-plasma electron M. R. Islam, accelaration and 11.50 12.10 hrs sunsequent emission of x-UK ray radiation.

    S.Tkachenko, Study of distribution of 12.10 12.30 hrs dense and current- Russia conducting matter in the

    discharge channel upon

    electrical wire explosion.

    Electrical Properties of Cu

    Nanolayer deposited on M.Ghoranneviss, 12.30 12.50 hrs Glass and Al-Fe Multilayer Iran Thin Films by Low

    Temperature Plasma.

    V.Krishan, Mean-field dynamo in 12.50-13.10 hrs partially ionized plasmas. India

    13.10 14.30 hrs Lunch

    Session -8 Speakers Chair : J.Nakarmi

    G. Raj, Nonlinear temporal

    evolutions of the backward UK 14.30 14.50 hrs stimulated raman scattering

    instability in a density

    rippled plasma.

    Pointing stability and

    energy spread of mono - R Issac, 14.50 15.10 hrs energetic electron beams UK from a laser plasma

    wakefield accelerator.

    Thermal plasma synthesis P. K. Mishra, 15.10- 15.30 hrs of tungsten carbide India reinforced steel composite.

    The Role of Kepler Law in

    Improvement of Trajectory M.Mohamadian, and Energy Calculationof 15.30- 15.50 hrs Mono-Energetic Electron Iran Bunches Produced by the

    Intense Lasers.

    15.50-16.20 hrs Tea

    Surface modification of D.P.Subedi, 16.20-16-40 hrs polymers by low Nepal temperature plasmas.

    Laser-assisted metal I. N. Zavestovskaya, 16.40-17.00 hrs surface micro-and Russia nanostructurization.

    To be announced Cultural programme and


    thFriday, 10 April 2009

    Session -9 Speakers Chair : F. Pegoraro

    Baturin Yu, Some Aspects of Onboard 09.00 09.30 hrs Space Experimentation. Russia

    T.Ozaki, The high-intensity 09.30 -10.00 hrs femtosecond rainbow. Canada

    J.T. Mendonca, Particle Acceleration using 10.00 - 10.30 hrs Petawatt Lasers. Portugal

    G. Tallents, Plasma opacity 10.30 11.00 hrs measurements. UK

    11.00 11.30 hrs Tea

    Fusion Energy by Laser H.Hora, 11.30 11.50 hrs Driven Block Ignition of Australia Uncompressed Fuel.

    Guiding of long-distance V.D. Zvorykin, 11.50 12.10 hrs electric discharges by UV Russia laser beam.

    KrF excimer laser

    generation of plasma R. Sadighi-Bonabi, 12.10 12.30 hrs blocks accelerated by Iran nonlinear forces for fast


    T.V.George, Physics and technology of 12.30 12.50 hrs heating fusion plasmas. USA

    Kinetic Trajectory R. Khanal, 12.50-13.10 hrs Simulation Model for Nepal Bounded Plasmas. 13.10 15.00 hrs Lunch

    15.00-15.30 hrs Scientific summary Closing ceremony

    thTuesday 7 April2009, 16-30 to 19.00 hrs


1. Radiation characteristics of travelling wave microstrip antenna in weakly ionised plasma, S. K. Chakrabarti, I. S. Jha, B. K. Jha, R. Sinhaand B. P.


    2. Time-resolved integral-geometric methods in the plasma diagnostics, A. Aliverdievand A. Amirova.

    3. Time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy aimed at Inertial Confinement Fusion,

    S.S.Anan'ev, S.Danko, Yu.G.Kalinin.

    4. Multiphoton ionization rate of hydrogen atom, N. Shrestha, J. J. Nakarmi and

    L. N. Jha

    5. Fast electron propagation in high density plasmas created by shock wave

    compression , D. Batani, J. J. Santos, P. McKenna, S. D. Baton, F. Dorchies,

    A. Dubrouil, C. Fourment, S. Hulin, M. Koenig, F. Perez, M.Veltcheva,

    P.Carpeggiani1, M.Quinn

    6. Effect of Gas Species on Physical Properties of Fe Nanolayer using Low

    Temperature Plasma, P. Alizadeh Eslami, M.Ghoranneviss, S. Nasiri Laheghi,

    S. Shahgaldi

    7. Radial velocity dependence in the spatial orientations of galaxies in and

    around the local super cluster, B. Aryal, P. R. Kafle and W. Saurer 8. Spatial orientation of galaxies in six rotating clusters, A. Aryal and B. Aryal 9. Spatial orientation of galaxies in three merging binary clusters, R. R. Paudel

    and B. Aryal

    10. Investigation of laser-plasma interaction with high spatial resolution in a wide

    spectral range, A.A. Fronya, N.G. Borisenko, Yu.A. Merkuliev, M.V. Osipov,

    V.N. Puzyrev, A.T. Sahakyan, A.N. Starodub, B.L. Vasin, O.F. Yakushev 11. Nonlinear conversion of nd-glass laser radiation in to harmonics and their

    interaction with plasma, A.A.Fronya, M.V.Osipov, V.N.Puzyrev,

    A.T.Sahakyan, A.N.Starodub, B.L.Vasin,O.F.Yakushev.

    12. Search and study of ch3cn (cyanogens) in far infrared sky, U. P. Chaulagain 13. The Effect of Gas Pressure, Charging Voltage and Anode Shape on Axial

    Velocity of Current Sheath in a Low-Energy Plasma Focus Device,

    M.Ghornneviss, M.Kashani, M.F.Aghamir, T.Davari, R.Behbahani and


    14. Slab overtone carbon monoxide laser excited by capacitive RF discharge: a

    new compact source of laser radiation within atmospheric transparency

    window ~3.3 4.0 micron, Andrey A.Ionin, Andrey Yu.Kozlov, Leonid

    V.Seleznev and Dmitry V.Sinitsyn

    15. First principle study of the equlibrium configuration of k2o,Raj Kumar Paudel 16. Broad bandwidth chirped pulse raman amplification in plasma, D.A.

    Jaroszynski, G. Vieux, A. Lyachev, X. Yang, B. Ersfeld, J. Farmer, G. Raj,

    M.P. Anania, E. Brunetti, S. Chen, D. Clark, S. Cipiccia, M.R. Islam, R. Issac,

    T. McCanny, A. Padol, A. Scroggie, R. Shanks, G. Welsh, and S.M. Wiggins. 17. Plasma Sheath Structure For Different Potentials At The Material Wall, A.

    Awasthi, R. Joshi and R. Khanal

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