2002 WAIT-LIST - Rosyth School

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2002 WAIT-LIST - Rosyth School


Points to Note:

    1 Only one Application Form to be completed irrespective of the number of siblings seeking transfer.

2 Attach copies of Birth Certificate(s) or entry/re-entry permit (if child is Singapore Permanent

    Resident) and latest SA1/ SA2 results (if applicable) for pupils studying in P1 to P5.

3 If the child is exempted from taking mother tongue or doing a non-mother tongue/Non Tamil Indian

    Languages, approval letter from MOE issued to you earlier on must be attached.

4 Incomplete submission of documents would not be considered.

5 We do NOT guarantee a place / places in our school.

6 Each application will be considered on its own merit.

7 Allocation of class would be based on vacancies arise in the class.

    8 No telephone enquiry is necessary. You would be contacted if your application is successful.

9 Application on wait list has to be completed on a yearly basis.

     CHILD / CHILDREN'S PARTICULARS SEEKING TRANSFER Level Level Name of Child/Children School Citizenship Mother Applied (current) Registered(for P1) /SPR Tongue For or present school

CCA Participation/Achievements (If any):


    Name of Child Age Present Level Mother

    School Tongue

# Please indicate a “nil” if the child has no siblings.


    Name of Parents Occupation Qualification Contact No.

    Home Address: __________________________________________________________

     __________________________________ Singapore ________________


    (For change of address, please attach copy of NRIC of both parents)

This Column is applicable to parents seeking admission for more than 1 child, please select the

    box and tick accordingly:

    If the school can admit only one child, I will accept the offer and wait for vacancy for the other


    If the school can admit only one child, I will not accept the offer

Signature of Parent : __________________ Date of Submission : _____________________

For Official Use : Approved/Not Approved

     Class assigned to : ________________________

     Remarks: _______________________________

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