The apocalypse of British community care model to the Chinese community care development

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The apocalypse of British community care model to the Chinese community care developmentThe

    The apocalypse of British

    community care model to the

    Chinese community care


    AbstractCommunity care was one of the content of British social services strategy before 1950at the same time, it was also a way of social services. With the development of social work in China, the evolution of Chinese community care is obvious. In this paper, the author will explore an approach in line with Chinese community development by way of comparison with the British community care model.

    Key WordsCommunity care model; Care in the community; social services

1. What is Community Care

    Community care is the people in the community who have physical and mental needsby way of formal or informal social service systems to assistance in its service

    [1] and support.

2. The classification of the British community care

    2.1 Care in the community

    The mean of it above is that the people who need and dependent on external care

    accepted professional care in the community of small service organizations or the family home.

2.2 Cares by the Community

    It is referred to providing cares to the people in need of care services, part of which are provided by their families, friends, neighbors and local volunteers; this care model emphasized that providing care services by the use of non-professional people in

    [2] community.

    3. The characteristics of the British community care


3.1 Development of community care

    The early development of community care was first originated from "anti-homes" campaign after the Second World War. In the early 1950s, British government started to pay attention to the long-term psychiatric patients from hospital and take care of the consequences of human nature, and at the same time, it also expressed concern to the dependence arising from the elderly and the people with long-term hospitalization, and also concerns to the problem such as gradually losing the ability to adapt to society. In order to change this situation, The British government promote that the people who need care remain in their original community and continue their life; accept variety of formal and informal social service systems of care, which advocates launching a concept of "community care".

3.2 Displaces the responsibilities of community care

    To the 1970s, British government cuts its expenses of welfare, saves on the cost of care, reduces its responsibility for welfare, in order to solve the crisis from the financial, economic, bureaucratic and government, and according to these policies, it displaces the responsibilities of community care from the government to the informal sector.

3.3 Establish new community care policy

    British community care policy have becomes more and more perfect ever since 1980, and a set of new services framework was established. The basic spirit is economic efficiency and management; it stresses "care for the mixed economy", and advocates voluntary, informal together with business sector, takes the responsibility of care. The orient of "Care for the mixed economy" means "care by the Community ", is the highly conformity contrasted to the system resources.

3.4 Development of community care service agencies

    Under the guidance of the idea of welfare pluralism, community care service agencies began to go upon the stage as a form of private initiated, and not in a purpose of getting profit in Britain. In Britain, community care demonstrates a trend of multi-angle. In 2001, the number of community care agencies founded by British local government decreased, the number running by volunteers was in the center, the number founded by volunteers and personal takes a majority part. And the number founded by private family services and provided by the Government almost five to

    [3] five.

    4. The apocalypse of British community care model to the Chinese community care development


    When we draw from the United Kingdom and the make use of the concept of community care to develop Chinese community care, we cannot just move the British community care model to rebuild a new service model, nor take the contemporaneity community service as totally different content. We have to take community care as a possible idea of developing multi- form community care, and take it as a strategy to enrich, consummate and develop present community care. Consequently, we can develop it from the following aspects:

4.1 Implementation of community care services,

    Street-level community service centers and neighborhood committees at the community level both face a demand to provide a more personalized service. Because of the lack of resources, lack of professional staff, it results in the absence of the elderly day-care issues. So we must pay attention to them and resolve them.

    4,2 Volunteer community service needs a certain amount of funds In the absence of profit-making services as income subsidies, government should give a certain amount of funds in support of the volunteers and their organizations, to form a stable mechanism for participation.

    4.3 "Community care" as a service model should accord to national conditions in practice innovation and development.

    The national conditions in our country decides that we cannot take the way to developing community care as Western countries, which is an old road. We must make full use of our advantages to innovation, and use our strengths to develop this cause.

4.4 Improve the social welfare policy

    Community care departments also need to establish and improve the corresponding policy and regulations, and the current social welfare policy and the social security system of matching. Only in the legal framework of our community care can be a healthy development; only a sound legal guarantee of the community can really take

    [4] care of the beneficiaries of our common community residents.

4.5 Mobilization of social resources

    We must lead an actively guide private sector participation in community care, and mobilize the extensive social resources. British experience tells us that "Care for the mixed economy" is very good to the effective use of social resources. Our country has large population and too many idle social resourceshow to make good use of these


    resources will directly affect our country's development and the cause of community care.

5. Places we should pay attention to

    Since 1980, Britain also has a lot of the community care policy and practice of critical views. Some scholars give some advice to the community policy from the feminist perspective, that is: Community care for the family is dependent on the assumption that its members have the primary responsibility. In the family, while women are the main carer, community care in the "community" is on behalf of the women care. Some from the point of social policy, and make the criticisms that community care is the minimum expenditure in the case of a means of welfare services, and it is the government's strategy to reduce welfare spending. We should pay attention to the interests of other groups while take care of the developing of community services at the same time.


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