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    八年级英语导学单 编制:朱学荣 审核:孙建森 2012.5

    8B Unit4 A charity show

    Period Six Integrated Skills and speak up 【学习目标】

    1.掌握词汇、短语和句子:among, phone, set up the stage, do a very important job等等。


    3. 学会听取细节;提炼相关的信息。


    四会内容:among, phone, set up the stage, do a very important job

    其他内容:I'm sure he'd like to help


    一、 New words,写出下列单词的词义和词性;并注意划线部分的音标。(

    1.among________________ 2.phone_____________

    3.snowy_________________ 3.kid_______________


    二、 Useful phrases,在书中划出下列短语并识记。(

    1,设计海报_________________ 6. 组织一次义演 _________________

    2. 搭建舞台_________________ 7. 叫朋友和家人来_________________

    3. _________________ 8. 决定干某事 _________________ 4. 做非常重要的工作________________ 9.在学生中安排工作_________________ 5.打电话给某人_________________ 10.曾经被选为义演的主持人_________________


    Step 1 Look at Sandys notes and answer the questions according to the information.

    P A([ Work in pairs ] 701

    1. S1 : What’s the name of the show? S2:

    2. S1: What do they raise money for? S2:

    3. S1: When will the show be held? S2:

    4. S1: What time will the show begin and finish? S2:

    5. S1: How much does each ticket cost? S2:

    Step 2 Listen to the tape and answer the following questions.

     1. Who will design the poster?


    2. Who will organize a play?


    3. Who has been chosen to be the host of the show?


    4. Who will set up the stage?


    5. Who will sing a song?

    八年级英语导学单 编制:朱学荣 审核:孙建森 2012.5


    6. Who will ask friends and families to come?


    Step 3 Complete the table by putting a tick.( PA) 702

    1. Kitty Sandy






    Step 4

    (1) Help Sandy complete the note. Use the notes in Parts A1 and A2 on page 68 to help you.

    (2) Read this passage together loudly, quickly and clearly.

(3) Have a reading competition.

    Step 5 Listen to the tape and answer the following questions: 1. Who can help them?

2. Is he very busy? Why ?

Step 6

    Suppose you are going to organize a charity show for Save Chinas Tigers , but you dont

    know ... ... Such as: How to advertise for the show \ When to have the show \ Who will

    perform in the show \Where etc.(You can talk about any way of the charity show. Useful expressions.

    We want to raise money for... How much will the tickets cost?

    We can have the show at/ in.... Let's the show

    We need someone who is good at... How long will it take...? 【个案补充】



    ( )1. The show _________yesterday evening.

    A. is organized B. organized C. was organized D. organizes

    ( )2. Peter hasnt decided ______there.

    A. flying B. to fly C. for flying D. fly ( )3. We hope ______you in the dining room.

    八年级英语导学单 编制:朱学荣 审核:孙建森 2012.5

    A. will see B. to see C. can see D. seeing ( )4. Amys tent,帐篷(couldnt _________ because of the strong wind.

    A. set up B. been set up C. be set up D. set

     ( )5. Everyone in the town ______a lot of money ______the people in poor areas that day.

    A. donate ; for B. raise ; to C. donate ; to D. raised; for 二、用括号内所给动词的正确形式填空。

    1.It's said(据说) that the long bridge______________build(in two months

    2.The lost boy_____________not find(so far

    3.Last year a large number of trees______________cut(down

    4. The students _____ often _____(tell) to take care of their desks and chairs. 5. The old man is ill. He ______ (must send) to the hospital.

    6. The stars can’t _____________ (see) in the daytime.

    7. Some flowers _______________ (water) by Li Ming already.

    8.The food _____________ (smell) delicious.

    9. Look! Someone __________(dance).

    10. Can the magazine ________ (take) out of the library?



    More than 20 famous singers performed in the CCTVs popular showThe Same Song for

    Project Hope for free at the Beijing Workers,Stadium last month.

    All of us want to do s___1____ for the children in the west.We hope our performance will encourage more people to j___2___ us to help them,said the organizer of the show.

    The committee opened an office to accept donations.People could also c___3___ 65903388-2529 to donate.

    Its everyones duty to give a h___4___ to those children who need help.I hope my s___5___ can help raise money for the p__6___ children.said Na Ying.

    On that day,85% of the TV sets in our country were turned o___7___ and millions and millions of people w___8___ the programme.Lots of money was collected.A___9___ of the money was sent to the children in poor areas to b__10___ new schools, buy good desks, chairs, blackboards and books.

    1.s____________ 2.j___________ 3.c___________ 4.h___________ 5.s__________ 6.p____________ 7.o__________ 8.w___________ 9.A___________10.b__________ 二、完型填充.

    East Africa is a big place but it has a small mumber of hospitals. It _1_ doctors and nurses. The big _2_ have them but the villages _3_. Most of the people live in the countryside. Mr Green is a _4_ and a pilot(飞行员). He worked in Nairobi but he _5_ to work in the country. In 1962, he _6_ Nairobi into the countryside. He visited a small hospital and operated on a patient. He __7__

    八年级英语导学单 编制:朱学荣 审核:孙建森 2012.5

    the plane in Kenya and Tenzania. He took back very _8_ people to Nairobi. There are four planes now and there are four doctors and nurses. It is _9_ work. The planes are smalll and the weather can be _10_. Since 1962 Mr Green has flown 800,000 kilometres and has helped on 10,000 patients.

    ( )1.A.has B.likes C.needs D.forms ( )2.A.towns B.places C.houses D.hospitals ( )3.A.have B.don’t C.will D.need

    ( )4.A.worker B.teacher D.driver ( )5.A.walked B.wanted C.hated D.turned ( )6.A.sent B.took C.made D.left ( )7.A.took on C.flew D.bought ( )8.A.kind B.thin C.sick D.old ( )9.A.dirty B.interesting C.heave D.dangerous ( )10.A.bad B.dry C.fine D.warm 【作业布置】


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