North Centers

By Michelle Harrison,2014-01-16 22:59
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North Centers

    North Centers

    Division Representatives Meeting

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    1:00 p.m.


    Present: Jose Castaneda, Jim Chin, Monica Cuevas, Kelly Fowler, Debbie Ikeda, Erica Johnson,

    Kirtley King, Tom Mester (for Chris Glaves), and Leslie Ratá.

1. Mini-Grants

    a. The VC Cabinet and 3 Foundation board members will be evaluating and

    prioritizing mini-grants next Tuesday.

2. Prerequisites

    a. There is a challenge process for pre-reqs. Lots of students have been trying to

    challenge pre-reqs and have been failing. We need to hold firm to the pre-req

    standards to ensure that students succeed.

3. SB1440

    a. The governor is expected to sign SB1440 that will give students who earn an

    associate degree for transfer a direct route to upper division coursework at their

    local CSU. This will be implemented by Fall 2011. Community colleges and

    CSU academic senates have been working together on developing model template

    agreements for various majors. The LDTP work is forming the base for many of

    these templates.

4. Sabbatical Leave Application

    a. Sabbatical leave applications are due to the VP of Instruction by Friday,

    November 3 at 5:00 p.m. The form is online.

5. Strategic Plan 2010-2011

    a. Reviewed the 2010-2011 Strategic Plan.

    b. Under Goal #3- Future Programs and Facilities, 3.1- Division Reps should look at

    the CSAR report and analyze their waitlists to determine where we may need

    more classes in the future. We will send out the CSAR from the first day of


    c. Under Goal #6- Student Success, 6.2- What can we do to increase the number of

    students that are eligible for certificates and degrees? We can provide students

    with certificate major sheets. We will come up with a general information sheet

    for certificates that faculty can distribute to students.

6. Action Plans due October 1

    a. Action Plans are due on October 1. All supplies, software, equipment, etc. that

    you need must be requested by submitting an Action Plan.

7. Faculty Positions- October 1

    a. Faculty Staffing Requests are due October 1.

8. Upcoming Events/Activities

    a. Reviewed list of upcoming events and activities.

    b. If appropriate, attends events with your class. Please encourage your students to

    attend these events and activities.

9. Textbook Requisitions

    a. Willow Textbook reqs are due September 21. Madera and Oakhurst are due

    September 28.

10. Other

    a. SLO Summits- SLO summits are not mandatory, but we are strongly encouraging

    everyone to attend.

    i. Biology, Chemistry, Child Development, Engineering, FN, Geography,

    Health, LVN, Math, Nursing, PE, Physics, Science- October 8, 3:00 pm, at


    ii. Art, Communication, Criminology, English, ESL, French, Film,

    Geography, History, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science,

    Psychology, Reading, Sociology, and Spanish- October 15, 2:00 pm, at


    b. CTE & VTEA funding needs to be spent before the end of the year. Talk to Dr.

    Chin for details.

The next meeting is October 1. Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Ratá

    Administrative Assistant

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