Lesson 22 Presents from Canada!

By Henry Martin,2014-09-24 11:41
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Lesson 22 Presents from Canada!

    Lesson 22 Presents from Canada!

Teaching Content

    Mastery words and expressions: box, tape, address, post, post office, mail

    Known words and expressions: cardboard, wait, sendto, on the top of, all


    Teaching Aims

    All of the people around the world are in a big family. We should love each

    other. Cultivate the feelings of loving ones own countries.

    Teaching Important Points

    Learn how to make birthday cards and what to write on them. Mail and post mean the same thing.

    Teaching Difficult Points

    Make a birthday card

    Teaching Prepared

    The things that used to make birthday cards

    Teaching Aids

    Audiotape, Flashcards, Objects

    Type of lesson

    Teaching Procedure

    Step 1. Review the last lesson. Remind the students a family members birthday is also a big festival.

    Sending different presents is important to link the relations of the whole family. Ask the students:

    Did you have a party for your parent?

    What did you send them?

    Did you express your thanks to our parents?

    Step 2. Come to THINK ABOUT IT

    Discuss the first question. What do you write in your card? Write their

    answers down and change their ideas with the others.

    Step 3. Play the tape. Ask the students to listen to it with the questions: What presents are Jenny and Danny going to post to Li Ming?

    Step 4. Read the text silently. Then discuss the text in details. Step 5. Take out what you prepared before class. Make cards for your friends in groups and then write the addresses on them.

    Remind the students not to forget the best wishes in English. Show every groups cards to the class and let them see if they forget something.

    Step 6. Ask the students to work in pairs to make up a dialogue according to the story. Act the dialogue out in front of the class.

    Step7.Come to LETS DO IT.

    This is the comprehension of the whole text. The teacher asks them to speak English in the process.

    Step 8. Finish the remaining activities in the activity book. Go on the next

reading in the student book.


    The teacher brings several boxes and presents to the class. The students bring some, too. Now the teacher and the students can arrange and act the dialogues out together.

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