By Debra Perkins,2014-06-13 11:56
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    Food Safety

    It is universally acknowledged that the food safety is closely related to our health and life. However, with the scandals coming one closely after another from baby milk to chemically additive food, china’s chronic food

    safety disorders have become a great threat to public health.

    I think the responsibility goes for the most part to the food producers especially those who fail to meet safety standards. In order to sell more products and make great profits, some food producers may even intentionally use various chemicals and additives during manufacturing and processing just to make food look or taste good or keep long without taking peoples life into consideration.

    In view of the graveness of the problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. Firstly, it is imperative that relevant laws and regulations should be enforced in a strict way. It is important to drastically increase penalties on those who neglect food safety statutes. Secondly, the public should be trained and educated to be alert to food quality. Only by taking these actions can the problem be tackled successfully in the nearest future.

    Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

     Rapid development of the Internet leads to the rise of online shopping. People first browse through the screen to find wanted articles, then pay with credit cards, and the goods are later delivered to them. Websites such eBay and Taobao have become great competitors against real stores, taking up a considerable market share.

     Convenience is the major attraction about online shopping. While it usually takes whole day to wander about the malls, online shopping process is just several clicks of mouse at home. Since the ordered goods are delivered to your doorsteps, there is no need to carry heavy bags home. Lower price is also an advantage. Online stores have lower overheads;开销费;, thus reducing the

    costs. As a result, customers can have real bargains(便宜货)

     However, at present, security of online shopping is still a concern for some people. There is a chance you could be cheated by the sellers, or a hacker could work out the password your credit card. Whats more, customers only the

    pictures online, and are sometimes dissatisfied with the actual items. Anyway, online shopping is an emerging thing, and we believe these problems can be solved when the market is more mature. By then, people can go shopping online free of worry.

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