28The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievement of its rulers,arti

By Craig Russell,2014-10-22 07:16
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28The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievement of its rulers,artiof,a,is,great,not,The,the,THE,GREAT,NOT

    The speaker claimed that the surest indicator of a great nation is represented by general welfare of its people instead of by the achievements of its rulers, artists, or scientists. I partly agree with this assert considering that a nation is consists of her living people whose welfare will reflect the nations strength and development. However, we

    sometimes should take the achievements of the rulers and scientists as a critique according to different definition on the words welfare and

    great nation.

    Admittedly, the welfare of the every citizen in a nation should be the surest indicator of the greatness. Needless to say, the United State is a great nation. America peoples per capita GDP is about 48000 dollars and

    ththat makes the U.S. ranked 9 in the world list. People living in the

    America are enjoying their charts given by the identity of the U.S citizen. They use cars at cheaper petroleum cost, and they may go for a vocation while Chinese people are worrying about whether they could afford for their living house. And we all know iPhone, the most popular cell phone in the world, is the child of Steve Jobs, an outstanding American precursor in IT region. These are the facts that a great nation will bring to her people. Whats more, the most important of this point of view is that the principle that the surest indicator of the great nations is the general welfare of its people will lead the government to consider their citizen on the first place. That means peoples welfare is the only thing the

government consider when making policy.

    However, we should not consider the peoples welfare as the only

    indicator of the nation greatness. The achievements of the rulers, artists and scientist are equally important. The welfare of the citizens is represented as the following index: public health and safety, high standard of living, individuals freedom and liberty. All of these above are

    rely on our politicians, artistic and scientists. Doctors scientific

    researches, as Penicillin invented by Fleming is used as the effective medicine to cure disease caused by bacteria, provide us with new methods to defend diseases. Directors in Hollywood make wonderful movies to enrich our daily life. Whats more, information technology

    engineers study more advance iPhone to make our life more convenient and colorful. Also, the achievements of our residents to protect our country are important for our citizens.

     To sum up, I think these indicators are not mutually exclusive. We should choose several of these indicators to evaluate a countrys

    comprehensive strength while we estimate the great nation. Only the citizens real living standard and welfare will truly reflect the strength of a country. However, the development of the science, art and social policy which made by our scientists, artists and rulers are fundamental factors we should take into consideration. Cause these are the things that our life rely on.

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