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As my train was delayed for two hours, I had plenty of time to spare.After buying

    some magazines to read on the journey, I gave my wife a long-distance call, then I

    36 my way to the luggage office;行李房;to collect my heavy suitcase. I had 37

    it there three days before. There were only a few people 38 , and I took out my

    wallet to find the receipt(收条) for my case.

    The receipt seemed not where I had 39 it. No matter how hard I searched, the

    receipt was nowhere to be found.

    When my 40 came. I explained the situation sorrowfully 41 the

    assistant. The man looked at me up and down as if to say that he had 42 this

    kind of story many times and asked me to tell him 43 my case was like. I told him it was an old brown-looking object no different 44 the many cases I could see in his office. The assistant then told me to 45 a list of what was 46 in the case. If

    they were 47 , he said, I could 48 the case away. I tried to remember all the things I had hurriedly 49 into the case and 50 them down as they came to


    After I had done this, I went to 51 round the office. There were hundreds of 52

    there. For one 53 moment, it came to my mind that if someone had picked the

    receipt he could have easily taken the case already. This had not happened

    fortunately, for I found the case 54 in the corner. After 55 the things inside,

    the assistant was satisfied that it was mine, and told me I could take the case away.

    36. A. traveled B. gave C. had D. made 37. A. held B. left C. found D.forgotten 38. A. standing B. crowding C. waiting D. talking 39. A. placed B. found C. held D. left 40. A. turn B. chance C. way D. cause 41. A. to B. for C. at D. on

    42. A. heard B. knew C. realized D. seen

    43. A. how B. what C. that D. all

    44. A. from B. with C. to D. among

    45. A. take B. make C. hold D. put

    46. A. wholly B. all C. already D. mainly 47. A. everything B. wrong C. correct D. all

    48. A. take B. hold C. bring D. put

    49. A. place B. put C. held D. kept

    50. A. took B. gave C. wrote D. had

    51. A. go B. walk C. run D. look

    52. A. people B. workers C. cases D. assistants 53. A. fearful B. interesting C. sad D. happy 54. A, putting B. setting C. placing D. lying 55. A. seeing B. examining C. counting D. telling

    36--40 DBCAA

41--45 AABAB 46--50DCABC

51--55 DCADB

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