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    Teaching aims

     Let students know how to introduce them when they meet each

    other first time.

     Learn some useful words and expressions.

     Wh-question sentences.

    Teaching important and difficult points


    Teaching method

     Asking and answering questions Group-work


    Teaching Procedures

     Step1 Greeting

     Step2 Lead-in

     T: Today we will listen to a story about a new student. Step3 Listening

     Listen to the story and see if you can answer this question:

     Is Chang-woo Chinese ? No, he isnt. Hes Korean.

     Step4 Intensive reading

     Play the tape or read the dialogue again, pausing after every

    line to check the students understand.

Step5 Repetition

     Play the tape or read the dialogue again, pausing after every line,

    and ask students to repeat (a) in chorus. Step6 Reading aloud

    Step7 Doing Exercise on Page12

    Step8 Language points

    1. This is Miss Sophie Dupont.


    2. Sophie is a new student.

    New: adj 刚来的。 News (新闻) a piece of news

    3. She is French.


    He is German. She is Japanese

    Hes Korean. Hes Chinese.

    4. Sophie, this is Hans. He is German.


    5. Japanese/Japanese(单复数同体)

    Korean/South Korea/Koreans/North Korea Step8 Homework

     Finish the exercise on workbook about Lesson5-Lesson6

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