Speaking Mandarin Chinese

By Calvin Turner,2014-11-18 00:18
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Speaking Mandarin Chinese



    ;Speaking Mandarin Chinese-讲普通话 In China,there are over 100 different dialects,which

    are so complicated that even people from neighboring villages may not understand each other. In the Information Age, such language harrier must be removed by popularizing Mandarin Chinese because it inversely affects the quality and efficiency of oral communication. We have many

    things to do in Mandarin Chinese popularization. First, we should carry out a mass education on the importance of speaking Mandarin Chinese to make everyone understand that it is his responsibility to do so. In the past, little progress had been made in isolated rural areas because the natives do not bother taking pains to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. Besides, quite a few people are proud of their Contonese dialect, because it is popular among Chinese living in Hong Kong, Singapore and in the North America. Next, speaking good Mandarin Chinese should be compulsory in classrooms, in public offices, in movies and TV programs in China. And millions of people can be trained to speak Mandarin Chinese. Finally, we should attach great importance to public education because China has large population of illiterate. A poorly educated nation has no international prestige. Popularizing Mandarin Chinese is only the first step in changing China into a better-educated nation. Popularizing Mandarin Chinese is of great importance because it

    may boost our economic growth, accelerate the development of science and technology, and promote the unification of China. With a population of over 1.2 billion people it is no easy task. But we must do it and do it effectively.


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