Students of today want a quality life

By Juanita Stephens,2014-11-18 00:19
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Students of today want a quality life



    ; BRITISH university entrants expect to be provided with washing machines and dryers in their rooms, and even car parking spaces, a survey has found. Students are also less prepared to

    tolerate poor quality living conditions than their predecessors, says the survey by British polling organization Mori. More than 1,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates from 21 universities across the UK were surveyed for the research. Its shows that location is the key

    factor in choosing accommodation for studentsnearly half of those interviewed said that being

    close to their place of study was the most important factor in their choice. Cost came second,

    The survey also shows with evidence that many parents foot the bills for their children’s rent.

    that students are no longer prepared to carry bags of washing to the nearest launderette. These newcomers expect washer and dryers to be provided with their accommodation. The study

    also highlights those things today’s students expect as standardcommunal areas to be cleaned

    regularly, utility bills to be included, even private car parking spaces. Separate findings from

    the UK’s National Union of Students published earlier this year show more than half of students in private rented accommodation are living in unsatisfactory conditions.


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