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    Test for Unit 9

    ?. 词语运用

    A. 根据句意及汉语提示, 写出空缺处单词的正确形式

     1. I _______ (拜访) one of my friends last weekend.

     2. Tom ______ () a new song the day before yesterday.

     3. Everyone in our class _________ () shopping yesterday.

     4. He ________ (练习) English every morning.

     5. My favorite subject is _______(地理).

    B. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词

     6. They are having an English t_______.

     7. How do you s _________ your free time?

     8. Climbing m_____ is good for our health.

     9. He s_____ at home yesterday because his mother was ill.

     10. I ’m tired. I don’t want to do a_________.

    C. 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空

     11. ________ (are) you 12 years old last year?

     12. Who ________ (cook) lunch for you yesterday?

     13. What about _______ (take) a walk after supper?

     14. Tom ______ (not do) his homework last night.

     15. Its time _______ (go) to school.

     ?. 单项选择

     1. What did you do______ Sunday morning?

     I watched TV.

    A. in B. on C. at D. with

     2. Lisa _____ at home now, but she ______ at school two hours ago.

    A. is; was B. is; is C. was; is D. was; was

     3. Did you ______ a movie yesterday evening?

    A. watched B. see C. saw D. looked

     4. Where _______ you go last night?

    I ______ to Li Pings home.

    A. were; went B. were; go C. did; went D. did; go

     5. I like playing tennis. _____________?

    I like it, too.

     A. What do you want B. What about you

    C. How do you like it D. Do you like swimming

     6. Mrs. Green is _________ her son, but she cant _______him.

    A. looking for; find B. finding; looking for

    C. looking for; looking for D. finding; finding

     7. What did you do last weekend?


    A. I play soccer B. I plays soccer C. I played soccer D. I will play soccer

     8. Did Tom help his parents at home?


    A. Yes, he does B. No, he wasn’t C. Yes, he was D. No, he didn’t

     9.___________was your vacation?

     Not bad.

    A. What B. How C. When D. Where

    10. My mother doesnt like doing housework at home. She usually _____ much time doing

    some shopping in the supermarket.

     A. takes B. pays C. spends D. costs

     11. The old man _____ on the sofa and read a book.

    A. sit B. sat C. sits D. sitting

     12. My little sister enjoys _______ and ________.

     A. sing; dance B. to sing; to dance C. singing; dancing D. singing; dance

     13. There are _________ clouds in the sky.

    A. not B. no any C. no D. doesn’t

     14. Kate is really _______. Shes never angry with others.

     A. tall B. friendly C. lucky D. clever

     15. We ________ a good time because it rained heavily.

     A. havent B. hadnt C. dont have D. didnt have

     ?. 句型转化

     1. Sally went to the pool yesterday. (改为一般疑问句)

    ______ Sally ______ to the pool yesterday?

    2. Gary did his homework in the classroom (改为否定句)

     Gary _______ _______ his homework in the classroom

    3. I cleaned my room last weekend. (对划线部分提问)

     ______ did you ______ last weekend?

    4. He cant see anything on the blackboard. (改为同义句)

    He can ______ _______on the blackboard.

     5. Did he study English well? (改为肯定句)

    He _______ English well.

     ?. 根据汉语意思完成句子

    1. 去公园怎么样:

    _______ _______ going to the park?

    2. 你昨天举办生日宴会了吗:

    Did you _______ ________ ________ ________ yesterday?

    3. 我通常在星期天看书。

    I usually _______ _______ _______ on Sundays.

     4. 玛丽昨天为准备数学考试而学习。

     Mary ______ _______ _______ _______ _______ yesterday.

    5. 晚饭后你们常常去散步吗:

    Do you often _______ _______ ________ ________ after dinner? ?. 完形填空

    I had a busy __1___nice weekend. On Saturday morning, I __ 2___ with my mother .It was

    my sisters birthday__3___. We wanted to buy a present for __4___. In the afternoon, I went to the

    __ 5__ with my parents. We _ _6__ many animals there. In the evening, we had a birthday party. We were very __7__. On Sunday morning, I went to visit Henry. He __8__ next to my house. He

    is very old.I cleaned the house and __ 9___noodles for him. On the afternoon and the evening, I __10__the English test.

    1. A. but B. and C. or D. with 2. A. had a walk B. went shopping C. went swimming D. had breakfast 3. A. today B. that day C. tomorrow D. yesterday 4. A. his B. hers C. her D. she 5. A. zoo B. park C. movie theater D. supermarket 6. A. looked for B. saw C. find D. see 7. A. sad B. bad C. happy D. tired 8. A. lives B. sits C. works D. stands 9. A. cook B. ate C. cooked D. make 10. A. studied B. study for C. study D. studied for ?.阅读理解



    One day a Chinese student went to study English in England. His family name is Sun. It is the same as the word sun. England is a country with bad weather. It is often cloudy or misty(

    薄雾的), and it rains now and again. So the people there dont get much sunshine in the whole

    year. When the Chinese student went to London, a tall English policeman with a large face opened his passport to examine(检查) it. The policeman was interested to find the Chinese name sun in

    the passport. He thought it was pronounced just like the English word sunso he said to the

    Chinese student, I see your name is sun. You are wanted here.

    The Chinese student was greatly surprised. But after a moment the policeman began to smile, Mr. Sun, youve brought sunshine to England! So we dont want you to go away.

    1. The Chinese students family name is pronounced just like the English word sun.

    2. London, the capital of England, is called The misty city.

3. In London, a tall Englishman with large eyes examined the Chinese students passport.

    4. The policeman in London was interested in the Chinese name sun.

    5. Mr. Sun was really to bring sunshine to England.



    Mr. Smith moved to another town, and soon he needed a new doctor, so he went to see one. He sat down in the waiting-room and looked round. The doctors name was on the wall.

    Suddenly(突然)Mr. Smith remembered there was a classmate with the same name in his class at school, and he became a doctor!

     When he went into see the doctor, he remembered a young student, and was very sorry to see how old this man was. He said to him, “Good morning, doctor! Did you go to King High School?”

     The doctor answered, “Yes, I did.”

     “Were you there from 1942 to 1946?”Mr. Smith asked.

     “Yes, I was.” the doctor answered, “How did you know?”

     Mr. Smith laughed and said, “You were in my class.”

     “Oh?” the doctor said and looked at him carefully for a few minutes,“ What were you


    6. Mr. Smith __________, so he needed a new doctor.

     A. caught a cold B. was unhappy C. lived far from the city D. moved to another town 7. Mr. Smith thought of a classmate of him when he __________.

     A. saw the old doctor B. saw the doctor’s name on the wall

    C. saw the picture of the doctor D. talked to the doctor

    8. When Mr. Smith found the doctor was old, he ________.

     A. felt happy B. felt unhappy C. felt pleased D. felt quite angry. 9. The doctor thought Mr. Smith was his_____________ in King High School from 1942to 1946.

     A. friend B. teacher C. classmate D. monitor 10. Mr. Smith thought the doctor was old, but the doctor thought Mr. Smith was__________. old as he B. much younger C. even() older D. a little younger


    ? A. 1.visited 2. wrote 3. went 4. practices 5.


     B. 6.test 7. spend 8. mountain 9. stayed 10.


     C. 11.Were 12. cooked 13. taking 14. didnt do 15. to go

    ?1-5 BABCB 6-10 ACDBC 11-15 BCCBD

    ? 1. Did; go 2.didnt do 3. What;do 4. see nothing 5. studied

    ?1. What about 2. have a birthday party 3. do some reading

    4. studied for the math test 5. go for a walk

    ? 1-5 ABBCA 6-10 BCACD

    ? 1-5 TTFTF 6-10 DBBBC

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