6A Unit 6 Holidays

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6A Unit 6 Holidays6A U

    Unit 6 Holidays


    1!吃月饼 2.乔装打扮

    3!赏月 4.走亲访友

    !端午节 6.五一劳动节 5

    7!去年 8.元旦

    9!中秋节 10.春节

    11!玩灯笼 12. 吃粽子

    13!举行龙舟赛 14.度过

    15!儿童节 16.国庆节

    17. talk to his students 18. visit your relatives

    19. last Halloween 20. eat a lot of delicious food


    1. date, today, is, What, it (?) (连词成句)

    _____________________________________________________ 2. to, students, talking, about, is, his, holidays, Who(?)(连词成句)

    _____________________________________________________ 3. the, Mid-Autumn, watch, you, moon, last, Festival, did (?)(连词成句)

    _____________________________________________________ 4. playing, like, basketball, too, I , (连词成句)

    _____________________________________________________ 5. My favourite holiday is Halloween. (同义句)

    _____________________________________________________ 6. Whats your favourite holiday? (同义句)

    _____________________________________________________ 选择填空

    ( )1.--What date is it today? --Its _______ 1st of October.

    A. a B. / C. an D. the

    ( )2. What holiday ________ after May Day?

    A. come B. comes C. coming D. came ( )3. That girl ________ her grandmother and her grandfather last Friday.

    A. visit B. visits C. visited D. visites ( )4. ________ ate many noodles last Sunday?

    A. Mike and I B. I and Mike C. I and mike D. Me and Mike ( )5. --What ________ you do ? --We drew some pictures.

    A. did B. does C. do D. dont


    1. Last summer holiday, I ________(go) to a party. It _______(be) fun. 2. I like ________(eat) moon cakes at the Mid-Autumn Festival. 3. It is the 18th of December. Christmas is _________(come). 4. What holiday ________(come) after Christmas?

    5. We all ________(eat) delicious food last week. 6. They are________ (get) very excited now.

    7. ________ (do) you go to the Zoo last Childrens Day?

    8. Mr. Green is ________(talk) to his students about holidays. 9. What ______ Nancy _______(do) last Spring Festival?

10.My favourite holiday _________(be) Halloween.

    11. _______ you ________ (have) a good time?


    1. It is 18th of December. ___________

    2. I eat lots of delicious food last Spring Festival. ___________ 3. Christmas is the 25th of December. ___________

    4. Did you visit your friends last week? Yes, I do. ___________ 5. She usually go to school at seven o’clock. ___________


    1 去年春天你拜访了你的朋友了吗, 是的, 我去拜访了。

    _______________________________________________________ 2 五一劳动节的时候人们通常干什么,他们通常去公园。

    _______________________________________________________ 3 你去年中秋节的时候吃月饼了吗,不,我没有吃。

    _______________________________________________________ 4 他们上周乘公共汽车去公园。

    _______________________________________________________ 5 王兵喜欢在星期天去溜冰。

    _______________________________________________________ 阅读理解

    When Tom was young, he liked to play football, and he was very good at it. But then

    he went to work in a town and there was no team for him, he stopped playing.

    Later he began to get rather fat, so he thought, since I stopped playing football, I was getting fat. What am I going to do? He thought about it for a few days, and then he said to himself, I know, Ill play tennis.

    He had a few lessons ,and then played for a few months. He met a nice girl at the tennis club one day, and they played a tennis match against

    another young man and woman. Tom played very badly and was very angry with himself, Ive never played as badly as this before, he said to the girl, Oh,

    she said, You have not played before, have you?

    ( )1. What was Tom good at when he was young?

    A. tennis B. basketball C. volleyball D. football ( )2. Then he stopped played because _________? A. he didnt like football B. he went to work in a town C. there was no team in the town D. both B and C ( )3. What happened to him then_______________? A. He was ill B. He was angry C. He began to get rather fat D. He got stronger and stronger

    ( )4. What did he do about it? He decided to__________ A. played football again B. do morning exercises C. take part in the match D. play tennis ( )5. In a match, the girl said to Tom, You have not played before, have you?

    This sentence means___________.

    A. the girl know he had ever been a player

    B. the didnt believe he had ever been a player before

    C. the girl was sure that he had not played tennis before D. both B and C

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