Unit 2

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Unit 2

    Test for Unit 2

    ?. 词语运用

    A. 根据句意及汉语提示~写出空缺处单词的正确形式

     1. It is ________:重要的;to have breakfast.

     2. He goes to school _________() every morning.

     3. _________(传统)Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang.

     4. If you have a toothache, you should see a ________ (牙医).

     5. He is very _________(有压力的) out and often tired.

    B. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词

     6. Take this m________ three times a day before meal.

     7. Whats the m_________with you?

     8. I’m t______. I want to drink some water.

     9. The U.S is a w______ country.

     10. She is too w_____ to walk far.

    C. 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空

     11. Eating a _______ (balance) diet helps to keep healthy.

    12. We walk with our ________ (foot).

    13. Can you give him some advice on his _______ (ill)?

    14.Whats the matter with you?

     I have a ______(head).

    15. She should ______ (do) some work, but she doesnt want to.

    ?. 单项选择

     1. Whats the matter with your sister?


    A. She is very kind. B. She is doing her homework.

    C. She has got a cold. D. She is in her room

     2. We should exercise to ______ healthy.

    A. give B. make C. stay D. have

     3. Is David at school today?

    No. He is at home _______he has a sore throat.

     A. because B. if C. though D. because of

     4. I will wait for you at home ____ 10:00 am.

     A. to B. till C. for D. while

     5. Its important for us ______ English well.

     A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned

     6. Can you go to the movies with me?

    Im sorry, I cant. I have ____ homework this weekend.

    A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

     7. Mike is a quiet boy. He has ______ friends.

    A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

    8. We should keep ourselves ________ .

     A. strong and health B. strong and healthily

     C. strongly and healthy D. strong and healthy

     9. What’s wrong with my son’s _______? He can’t see things clearly.

     A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose

     10. You are careless. I think you ___ be more careful next time.

     A. may B. should C. have to D. need

    11. The doctor told me to drink lots of water.

    Take the doctor’s ______ and you can feel better.

     A. way B. habit C. advice D. idea

     12. He was very tied because he worked ______ last night.

    A. lately B. early C. late D. earlier

     13. I have a pain ______ stomach.

    A. on B. in C. with D. to

     14. The old man is still very ______, he can do a lot of chores at home.

    A. good B. unhealthy C. tall D. well

    15. “I’m stressed out and I can’t go to sleep.” “____.”

     A. You should get up early B. You should have a hamburger

     C. Maybe you should drink some hot water D. You should listen to some light music

    ?. 句型转换

    1. I have a sore back. (对划线部分提问)

    ______ _______ _______ with you?

     2. I have a headache. (改为一般疑问句)

     _______ _______ _______ a headache?

    3. You should drink hot tea with honey.:改为否定句;

     You ______ drink hot tea with honey

    4. Whats the matter with you?:改为同义句;

     ______ _______ with you?

    5. The girl has a stomachache two days ago. (对划线部分提问)

     _______ _______ the girl ______ a stomachache?

    ?. 根据汉语意思完成句子


    I _______ _______ _______. My temperature is 39?.


     I’m not felling very well _____ ______ ______.

    3. 你应该躺下休息。

    You should ______ ______ and rest.

     4. 保持健康对我们来说很重要。

     Its _______ for us ______ _______ _______.

     5. 我希望你会尽快好起来。

     I ______ you will fell better soon.

    ?. 完型填空

     What should we do to stay healthy? The most important rule is to exercise __1__. The

    Green family try to exercise every day. Mr Green __2__exercise in the morning because he

    has to go to work at eight oclock. But he runs every evening. He walks a lot, __3__. He

    walks to school every day, and after school he__4__different sports with his friends. Mr

    Green goes to a yoga :瑜加功; class__5__.

    But it wasn’t__6__this way. Last year Mr and Mrs Green used to(过去常

    )__7__everywhere in their car, even to the drugstore:药店; two blocks:街区;away. They

    thought they had to use the car all the time. They wouldnt walk.

    The Greens all __8__better now. They believe they shouldnt be lazy. We __9__exercise

    every day, but we should try our__10__to exercise as often as possible.

    1. A. often B. sometimes C. late D. later

    2. A. may not B. can not C. would not D. should not

    3. A. either B. also C. too D. again

    4. A. watches B. plays C. loves D. likes

    5. A. in two weeks B. for two weeks C. after two weeks D. twice a week

    6. A. always B. even C. sometimes D. no

    7. A. riding B. drive C. fly D. walk

    8. A. had B. make C. feel D. feel like

    9. A. neednt B. dont C. won’t have D. mustn’t

    10. A. best B. good C. well D. better

?. 阅读理解


    A man went to see a doctor.

     “Open your mouth,” the doctor said.

     The man opened his mouth and the doctor looked in quickly.

     “It’s clear what’s wrong with you. You need more exercise,” the doctor said.

     “But, doctor,” the man said, “I don’t think…”

     “Don’t tell me what you think.” The doctor said. “I am the doctor, not you. I know what you need. I see hundreds of people like you. None of them get any exercise. They sit in offices all day

    and in front of the television in the evening. What you need is to walk quickly for at least 20 minutes a day.”

     “Doctor, you don’t understand,” the man said, “I…”

     “I don’t want to hear any excuses,” the doctor said. “You must find time for exercise. If you don’t, you will get fat and have health problems when you are older.”

     “But I walk every day,” the man said.

     “Oh, yes, and I know what kind of walking that is. You walk a few feet to the train station from your house, a few more feet from your office to a restaurant for lunch and back. That’s not

    real walking. I’m talking about a walk in the park for twenty minutes every day.”

     “Will you listen to me, doctor!” the man shouted, getting angry with this doctor who thought he knew everything.

     “I’m a postman,” the man went on, “and I walk for seven hours every day!”


    1. The story happened in the doctor’s room.

    2. The postman went to see the doctor because there was something the matter with his foot. 3. The doctor didnt listen to the man because he thought he knew the man’s problem

    4. The doctor thought many people had health problem only because they ate bad food 5. The postman sent letters on foot.


    How much sleep do we need? The answers are different. Some people need only three hours of sleep a night. Others need ten hours of sleep a night.

    Most Americans sleep for an average of seven to eight hours a night. After age fifty, the average sleep hour goes down to 6.5 hours a night.

    Most people will have a bad night when they can’t fall asleep. About every three Americans

    has a problem with sleep. Many of these people cannot fall sleep. This problem is called insomnia.

    This is not a new problem. Many famous people in history had insomnia.Some of these people had their own ways to sleep well. Benjamin Franklin, afamous inventor, had four beds. He moved one to another to fall asleep. KingLouis X? of France had 413 beds and hoped to fall

    asleep in one of them. Mark Twain, a famous writer, had a different way: he lay on his side across the end of the bed!


    6. Most Americans usually sleep for about _____ hours a night.

     A. 3 B. 5-6 C. 10 D. 7-8

    7. As people grow older, they need _____ a night.

     A. less sleeping time B. more sleeping time

    C. the same amount of sleeping time D. a fixed time to sleep

    8. If there 100 million people in the US having a problem with sleep, what’s the whole population

    of the US?

     A. About 200 million. B. About 300 million.

     C. About 600 million. D. About 900 million.

9. Franklin tried to go to sleep by______.

    A. moving from one to another of his 413 beds

    B. moving from one to another of his 4 beds

    C. inventing a bed for himself

    D. lying on his side across the end of the bed 10. It’s not mentioned in the passage, but we know that Mark Twain was ____.

    A. a Frenchman B. an Englishman C. an American D. a German


    ?. 词语运用

    A. 1. important 2. early 3. Traditional 4. dentist 5. stressed

     B. 6. medicine 7. matter 8. thirsty 9. western 10. weak

     C. 11. balanced 12. feet 13. illness 14. headache 15. do ?. 单项选择

    1-5 CCABB 6-10 BCDAB 11-15 CCBDD

    ?. 句型转换

     1. What’s the matter 2. Do you have 3. shouldn’t 4. What’s wrong 5. When

    did; start

    ?. 根据汉语意思完成句子

     1. has a fever 2. at the moment 3. lie down 4. important 5. hope ?. 完型填空

    1-5 ABCBD 6-10 ABCAA

    ?. 阅读理解

    1-5 TFTFT 6-10 DABBC

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