Historical Movies and History

By Albert Mason,2014-01-15 20:30
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Historical Movies and History

    Historical Movies and History

     There is an opinion that watching historical movies like Shakespeare in Love is the best way for people to learn about history. To be honest, I dont agree with this


     No doubt that, watching historical movies is one of the ways to learn about history, and it is a relatively more attractive and interesting way, but it also has many disadvantages. So we couldnt say that it is the best way

    to learn about history.

    Nowadays, the movies are more and more deeply been commercialized, even the historical movies also add some details about love, sex, or terror which are not real to attract the audiences. So we are easily been mislead to understand the real history. On the other hand, for the knowledge limitation of the directors and play-writers or the acting limitation of the actors, the historical movies couldnt reflect the true history completely and truly. The last but not least, the historical movies always just reflects a short part of the history, but not a system, so we couldnt learn about history entirely by this way. At the most time, they are more an entertainment than a way to

learn about history.

    There are also some other better ways to learn about history. One is that, we can read books on official history and historical materials. They are organized by the government or a lot of learned historians, so they are more systematic and more reliable. The other way is to visit the ruins of the history or study the historical relics. Moreover, we can visit the local people to get more information about the history. By these ways, we can learn about the history more scientifically and systematically.

    From the foregoing, its not difficult to find that,

    watching historical movies is not the best way to learn about history. If we really want to learn about the history systematically and reliably, we should combine these ways together but shouldnt say which one is best.

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