Outline of my essay

By Wendy Carroll,2014-01-15 20:30
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Outline of my essay

    Outline of my essay


    My high school and my university

Thesis statement:

    My university is much better than high school.


     (1).A brief introduction to the essay.

     (2).The two schools differences in outline

    and brief scenery.

     (3).A comparison between the two schools


     (4).A comparison between the two schools


     (5).A brief conclusion to the comparison

    and the essay.

    My high school and my university

    Time flies, I have been a college student for more than one year. I have already known my university very well, and I could also remember my high school clearly. There are a lot of differences between them.

    The university here is much larger than my high school in area. There are more buildings, more trees and flowers here on the university campus. There is no lake in my high school while here is a big lake on the campus. Above all, my university is much larger and more beautiful than my high school.

    The canteens in my high school and the university are different. There are two big canteens here, while in my high school, there is only one small canteen. There are no seats in my high schools canteen, so we have to stand

    to have our meals. Here is different, we can sit down to enjoy them. The dishes here are tastier than that of my high schools, while the

    prices are also much higher.

    Compared with the dormitory in my high school, the dormitory here is more comfortable to live in. There are twelve students to share one small room in my high school, while here, we eight students share a bedroom and a living room. There are two bathrooms in my

    dormitory now, while there is none in my high schools dormitory. So Im satisfied with my

    dormitory here.

    After the comparison, I find that, my university is much better than my high school, and my life here is much better than before. I should treasure my college life.

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