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    Lesson 1 Section I

    Task 1: This Is Your Life! A. Choose the best answer (a, b or c) to complete each of the

    following statements.

    16: caacba

    B. True or False Questions.

    6: TFFFFT 1

    C. Identification.

    (1)(b), (2)(d), (3)(f), (4)(g), (5)(a), (6)(c), (7)(e) D. Complete the following résumé for Jason Douglas.

    Name: Jason Douglas

    Former name: Graham Smith

    Profession: actor

    Date of birth: July 2, 1947

    1952: started school

    1958: moved to Lane End Secondary School

    1966: went to the London School of Drama

    1969: left the London School of Drama

    1973: went to Hollywood

    1974: were in a movie with Maria Montrose

    Task 2: What Are Your Ambitions?

    A. Give brief answers to the following questions.

    1. Radio Station QRX.

    2. For a survey.

    3. Four.

    4. Six.

    5. (1) What‟s your name?

    (2) What do you do for a living?

    (3) What do you do for fun?

    (4) What‟s the most exciting thing that‟s happened to you recently?

    (5) Who do you admire most in this world?

    (6) What do you want to be doing five years from now?

    B. Fill in the following chart with answers that each interviewee gives

    to the questions.

     Interviewee 1 Interviewee 2 Interviewee 3 Interviewee 4

    Question Suzanne Adolfo Linda

    David George

    1 Brown Vasquez Montgomery


    Question student

    baseball lawyer dancer

    2 at school


    Read classics- watch hang out with Question running-

    Dickens, musical friends-

    3 jogging

    Shakespeare movies go for pizza

    went to a

    got to run

    Question had his first moved to the Bruce

    in the Boston

    4 baby US Springsteen


    concert Question Martin Luther

    his wife Sophia Loren her dad

    5 King Jr.

    be a father of win the do what he‟s Question has her own

    five Boston doing right

    6 beauty salon

    In five years Marathon now

    Section II

    A. Choose the best answer (a, b or c) for each of the following


    16: abaccb

    B. True or False Questions.

    14: FTFF

    C. Fill in the following chart with information about the journey the

    Roman army made according to Trevor.

    Designation: D Company

    Number of men: one hundred and more

    Journey: from France to Britain

    Means of transcript: boat

    Weather conditions: stormy

    Food: cat food

    Drink: rain water

    Conditions of weapons after landing: useless

    Fighting: none

    Equipment lost or damaged: boat lost, guns full of water, supplies of wine lost

    Soldiers killed or wounded: about ten survivors, all others drowned or killed by cold

    D. Point out what is not true in Trevor’s story.

    The following did not exist in Roman times:

    petrol, newspaper, matches, trousers, tinned food, taps, guns, wine


    50 BC could not appear on a coin. 50-55 BC is counting backwards. E. Fill in the blanks according to what you hear on the tape.

    1. terrible, stormy, or more of us, shut in, so bad, sick, stuffy.

    2. pushed up onto the sands, climbed out, jumping into the,

    struggling to the, up to my shoulder, freezing.

3. came and took us away, joined, going into the camp, a hot meal,

    clean clothes, given our pay.

    Section III

    Task 1: Learning to Predict

    1. Answer: trying to write a letter

    Reason: The speaker‟s question suggests he needs a quiet

    surrounding to do something.

    2. Hint: the first speaker is a guest complaining about the conditions

    of Room 43 which is a single room. The second speaker is a hotel

    clerk who suggests that the guest move to a double room.

    Answer: is the only single room available at the moment

    Reason: The phrase “I‟m afraid” often suggests a negative or

    unsatisfying answer.

    3. Answer: Where on earth did you get it?

    Reason: The second speaker‟s surprised tone shows that the

    money is out of her expectation and she must be curious about

    how it is gained.

    4. Answer: You mustn‟t discriminate against someone just because

    they are married.

    Reason: The word “but” suggests an opposite meaning.

    5. Answer: I wouldn‟t mind being a prince.

    Reason: The man‟s questioning tone shows he doesn‟t agree with

    the woman.

    6. Answer: I‟m not a workaholic.

    Reason: The word “but” suggests an opposite meaning.

    7. Answer: he had been.

    Reason: “But” and “possibly” both give some hint.

    Task 2: Dictation

    Passage 1: The Knowledge

    Becoming a London taxi driver isn‟t easy. In order to obtain a licence to drive a taxi in London, candidates have to pass a detailed examination. They have to learn not only the streets, landmarks and hotels, but also the quickest way to get there. This is called “The Knowledge” by London Cab drivers and it can take years of study and practice to get „The Knowledge‟. Candidates are examined not only on the quickest routes but also on the quickest routes at different times of the day. People who want to pass the examination spend much of their free time driving or even cycling around London, studying maps and learning the huge street directory by heart.

    Passage 2: The Underground

    Travelling on the London underground (the „tube‟) presents few difficulties for visitors because of the clear colour- coded maps. It is always useful to have plenty of spare change with you because there are

    often long queues at the larger stations. If you have enough change you can buy your ticket from a machine. You will find signs which list the stations in alphabetical order, with the correct fares, near the machines. There are automatic barriers which are operated by the tickets. You should keep the ticket, because it is checked at the destination.

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