China Marketing Weekly Update on July 1 Week 5 of Q2

By Ida Armstrong,2014-01-15 18:13
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China Marketing Weekly Update on July 1 Week 5 of Q2

    China Marketing Weekly Update on July 1, Week 5 of Q2Alliance Marketing Update:

    SDK updateth?Final data updated on July 8, 2011 since the SDK promotion was launched on March

    th18, 2010

    ?Increment of this week: 17,658 PV on CSDN; 8 downloads on CSDN

    ?Increment of this week: 50 PV on TechTarget ; 6 downloads on TechTarget

    MediaItemDatePVDownload Quantity

    CSDNSDK Promotion2010.3.18-2011.7.8802,198103,962

    TechTargetSDK Promotion2010.3.18-2011.7.133,4341,808


    CSDN update

    ?Promotion Theme: Now you can enjoy the BlackBerry SDK and learn how to develop

    BlackBerry applications online on CSDN

    ?Promotion Aspects: Developer Special Zone, SDK Promotion, Tutorials Promotion,

    BlackBerry Development BBS and BlackBerry Development Expert Blog ?Promotion Results

    ;500 updated articles on Developer Special Zone, with a PV of 802,198

    ;1,572 data collected from SDK downloads, among which there were 103,962clicks

    from SDK downloads

    ;Three CSDN weekly reports with direct text link to the SDK Feature have been

    successfully delivered to 100,000 registered members

    ;There were 10,538 clicks on BlackBerry SDK Feature from March 31, 2010 to April

    8, 2010

    ;SDK EDMs were delivered to 50,000 registered members on April 1, 2010 with an

    arrival rate of 95.09% and an open rate of 68.49% by April 9, 2010

    ;BlackBerry Development News promotion PV amounted to 30,599 by July 8, 2011

    ;BlackBerry Development Tutorials promotion PV reached 738 by July 8, 2011

    ;BlackBerry Development BBS launched on July 16, 2010 and has 8,770 PV with 9

    posts, 88 replies by July 8, 2011




    Tech Target Technical Brochure Update

    ?17 Technical Brochures have been promoted on Tech Target so far.?The Technical Brochures were categorized as enterprise mobile information guideline,

    enterprise mobile device strategy, service management guideline, mobile devices update

    strategy, etc.

?The 17 technical brochures obtained 1,456 PV and collected 153 valid user data

?SDK promotion launched on TechTarget obtained 4,573 PV and 202 downloads

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