BOOK 3 Unit 5 Test Yourself

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BOOK 3 Unit 5 Test Yourself

BOOK 3 Unit 5 Test Yourself-----Multiple Choice

    Directions: For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

    1. The children performed a very ____ dance for their parents.

     A) precise B) smart C) graceful D) successive

    2. In the _____ paragraph some comments had been made of it.

     A) proceeding B) preceding C) progressing D) processing 3. The dog’s collar was so ____ that it came off over his head.

     A) loose B) slight C) broad D) excessive

    4. We finally managed to ____ the committee’s approval of our plans.

     A) secure B) arouse C) exert D) execute

    5. Thousands of people died of starvation during the ____ in that African country.

     A) objection B) poverty C) consumption D) famine

    6. Four people were seriously ____ in an accident on the motorway.

     A) damaged B) harmed C) injured D) wounded

    7. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ____.

     A) gaps B) lengths C) distances D) intervals

    8. While admitting that this forecast was _____ exaggerated, the scientists warned against treating it as a cry of wolf.

     A) anyhow B) somewhere C) somewhat D) anyway

    9. The thief tried to open the locked door but _____.

     A) in no way B) in vain C) at a loss D) without effect 10. He had a ____ look in his eyes. He must have been shocked.

    A) empty B) bare C) blank D) hollow 11. Stone does not ____, and so the tools of long ago have remained when even the bones of the men who made them have disappeared without trace.

     A) crack B) decay C) destroy D) crush

    12. The swimming pool is so ____ that it’s safe for small children.

     A) stable B) smooth C) superficial D) shallow 13. Being named the best athlete of the year was an important ____ in the baseball player’s life.

     A) segment B) ingredient C) contribution D) episode

    14. Only hotel guests have the ____ of using the private beach.

     A) occasion B) possibility C) privilege D) habit 15. Many people save money to ____ for their old age.

     A) supply B) offer C) provide D) yield

    16. Having decided to rent a flat, we ____ contacting all the accommodation agencies in the city.

     A) went up B) went down C) went out D) went about

    17. American women were ____ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle.

     A) ignored B) refused C) neglected D) denied

    18. The medicine the doctor gave me ____ my headache.

     A) reduced B) improved C) released D) relieved

    19. As I had earlier made up my mind to run for governor, I could not ____. I must go on with the fight.

     A) vary B) withdraw C) undergo D) discard 20. The water was so ____ that we could see the fish inside clearly.

     A) transparent B) obvious C) apparent D) visible 21. While studying he was financially dependent ____ his wife.

     A) to B) of C) on D) from

    22. He ____ the medicine quickly and then drank some orange juice.

     A) sucked B) swallowed C) licked D) digested 23. Another big issue ____ the new republic is the problem of the education of its citizens.

     A) confining B) confirming C) conflicting D) confronting 24. I was unaware of the critical points involved, so my choice was quite ____.

     A) arbitrary B) rational C) mechanical D) unpredictable 25. His parents no longer worry about him. He has a good job and can live ____ his own now.

     A) at B) by C) on D) with

    26. Mr. Henderson was determined to remain _____. He neither stood on his wife’s side nor on his mother’s side.

     A) natural B) neutral C) nervous D) native 27. Do you believe these two ____ friends used to be bitter enemies?

     A) intimate B) emotional C) intense D) supreme

    28. As he had worked in the army as an electrical engineer for many years, he had every ____ for the job.

     A) privilege B) obligation C) qualification D) commitment

    29. She was very ____; she cried even when her husband left for another city on business.

     A) sensitive B) indifferent C) reluctant D) emotional 30. Young children soon ____ words they hear their elders use.

     A) put forward B) look forward to C) turn up D) pick up

Keys;1-5 CBAAD 6-10 CDCBC 11-15 BDDCC

    16-20 DDDBA 21-25 CBDAC 26-30 BACDD

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