BOOK 3 Unit 2 Test Yourself

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BOOK 3 Unit 2 Test Yourself

BOOK 3 Unit 2 Test Yourself-----Multiple Choice

    Directions: For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. 1The republication of the poets most recent works will certainly __D__

    his national reputation.

     A) magnify B) enlarge C) strengthen D) enhance提高

    2. Humidity (湿度) is so intense in some parts of the tropics that Europeans find they are unable to __C__ it.

     A) maintain B) persist C) endure忍受

     D) sustain

    3. The suspects fingerprints on the gun were the main __D__ against him.

     A) crime B) information C) conviction D) evidence证据

    4. Most people who travel in the course of their work are given travelling __B__.

     A) income B) allowances津贴 C) pay

    D) wages

    5. Be careful with those fireworks; they are _D___ to go off unexpectedly.

     A) easy B) probable C) available D) liable

    6. He ran so fast that he was out of _C___.

     A) air B) oxygen C) breath D) wind

    7. When you go to the doctor he asks you to describe your __D__ so that he can make a diagnosis (诊断).

     A) indications B) signs C) symbols

     D) symptoms

    8. In general , the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth the total __B__ for living expenses.

     A) acceptable B) available C) advisable D) applicable

    9. His inability to learn foreign languages was a(n) __C__ to his career.

     A) objection B) defect C) obstacle D) depression

    10. The ratio of the work done by the machine __C__ the work done on it is called the efficiency of the machine.

     A) against B) with C) to D) for

    11. During the war she always kept a _D___ of tinned food in the house.

     A) load B) substitute C) conservation D) reserve

    12. This machine works very well so long as no one __A__ with it.

     A) interferes B) disturbs C) upsets D)


    13. In Britain people __A__ four million tons of potatoes every year.

     A) consume B) swallow C) exhaust D) dispose

    s really typical _B___ John. He says hell come but he never 14. That

    turns up.

     A) for B) of C) to D) with

    15. No effective _C___ has been found for this fatal disease which claims thousands of lives each year.

     A) settlement B) method C) remedy D) prescription

    16. She was __B___ what she had written so as to make the theme stand out more clearly.

     A) repairing B) revising C) remedying D) reforming

    17. The one pleasure that Einstein _D___ his great fame was the ability it gave him to help others.

     A) resulted from B) stirred up C) turned out D) derived from

    18. The rain was heavy and ___A_ the land was flooded.

     A) consequently B) continuously C) constantly D) consistently

    19. The present difficulties ___B__ from our failure to deal with the problem when it first arose.

     A) step B) stem C) steer D) sponsor

    20. Universal peace would be __A__ to all mankind.

     A) beneficial B) valid C) advisable D) worthy

    21. The local government leaders are making every effort to __B__ the problem of poverty.

     A) loosen B) tackle C) remove D) encounter

    22. We have not ___B___ information to state

     the exact damage.

     A) abundant B) sufficient C) plenty D) efficient

    23. The court considers a financial _D___ to be an appropriate way of punishing him.

     A) option B) duty C) obligation D) penalty

    24. The explorers were told to __B__ themselves with everything they would need for the voyage.

     A) associate B) equip C) retreat D)


    25. What he __B__ was that you didnt tell the whole truth.

     A) referred B) implied C) inclined D) accorded

    26. He hopes to __A__ his paintings before the public in New York very soon.

     A) exhibit B) expose C) express D) experience

    27. German and Italian courses are held in Munich and Rome _C___.

     A) relatively B) reluctantly C) respectively D) relevantly

    28. This vast stock of computerized images has __D__ the possibilities open to the artist.

     A) speculated B) sponsored C) generated D) multiplied

    29. We dont know all the circumstances, so it would be pointless to __B__ on what happened.

     A) infer B) speculate C) guess D) infer 30. This is the first draft of the book. Please feel perfectly free to __C__ on it.

     A) cope B) complain C) comment D) confirm

Keys1-5 DCDBD 6-10 CDBCC 11-15 DAABC

     16-20 BDABA 21-25 BBDBB 26-30 ACDBC

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