BOOK 3 Unit 4 Test Yourself

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BOOK 3 Unit 4 Test Yourself

BOOK 3 Unit 4 Test Yourself-----Multiple Choice

    Directions: For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

    1. If my plan isn’t ______ of by the committee, all my work will have been wasted.

     A) approved B) consented C) agreed D) admitted

    2. Everybody ______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.

     A) assembled B) accumulated C) piled D) joined

    3. Mr. Bloom is not ______ now, but he will be famous someday.

     A) significant B) dominant C) magnificent D) prominent

    4. The bridge was named ______ the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people.

     A) after B) with C) by D) from

    5. Most people were no longer listening to his long ______ story.

     A) annoying B) boring C) tiring D) exhausting

    6. Each of them had a different ______ of what actually happened, but hers was by far more believable.

     A) message B) theory C) version D) comment

    7. His latest piece of work was ______ by a song he heard on the radio.

     A) released B) inspired C) assessed D) composed

    8. As we know, blood types A and B cannot receive AB, but AB may receive A or B. Type O can give to any other group; hence it is often called the _____ donor.

     A) general B) popular C) universal D) common

    9. Very few scientists _____ completely new answers to the world’s problems.

     A) catch up with B) come up with C) keep up with D) put up with 10. The socks were too small, and it was only by _____ them that he managed to get them on.

     A) spreading B) extending C) lengthening D) stretching 11. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _____.

     A) granted B) implied C) exaggerated D) remedied

    12. Of all the soldiers they had the _____ of being the fiercest, the most patriotic, the toughest.

     A) recognition B) reservation C) recreation D) reputation 13. She _____ along the path, glad to be able to take her time.

     A) hurried B) marched C) progressed D) wandered

    14. The company has _____ over the years into a multi-million dollar organization.

     A) involved B) resolved C) evolved D) revolved

    15. During the war, the government _____ many soldiers from the workers and farmers.

     A) adopted B) collected C) integrated D) recruited

    16. Some of his suggestions have been adopted but others have been turned _____ as they are quite impracticable.

     A) away B) back C) out D) down

    17. All the key words in the article are printed in _____ type so as to attract readers’ attention.

     A) dark B) dense C) black D) bold

    18. This story is not real; it is only ______.

     A) imaginary B) imaginative C) imaginable D) imagined 19. A peculiarly pointed chin is his most memorable facial ______.

    A) mark B) feature C) trace D) appearance

    20. In 1914, an apparently insignificant event in a remote part of Eastern Europe _____ Europe into a great war.

     A) imposed B) pitched C) inserted D) plunged

    21. He bought the house with a(n) _____ to making a quick profit out of it.

     A) goal B) purpose C) eye D) reason 22. I’m very sorry to have _____ you with so many questions on such an occasion.

     A) interfered B) offended C) impressed D) bothered 23. They are giving away free _____ of this new kind of cooking oil.

     A) illustrations B) demonstrations C) examples D) samples 24. The scientists made ______ plans for landing a man on the moon.

     A) acute B) elaborate C) virtual D) delicate 25. Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ______.

    A) blank B) hollo C) vacant D) bare

    26. All the streets were ______ with flags to welcome the Chinese delegation.

     A) supplied B) mended C) decorated D) pasted 27. You can’t drive a car unless you hold a driving ______.

     A) permission B) ticket C) pass D) license 28. Although the cyclist was unhurt, his bicycle was _____ between the lorry and the wall.

     A) crushed B) clapped C) split D) cracked 29. The wholesale price of this coat is $20 and the _____ price for it is $28.

     A) virtual B) massive C) retail D) singular

    30. Floods cause billions of dollars worth of property damage _____.

     A) relatively B) actually C) annually D) comparatively

Keys;1-5 AADAB 6-10 CBCBD 11-15 CDDCD

    16-20 DDABD 21-25 CDDBD 26-30 CDACC

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