Oh sweet

By Troy Bradley,2014-06-11 15:41
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Oh sweet

    Oh sweet, nice to see you. My name is Nick Vujicic and it‟s a pleasure to be with you. I have a wheel chair over there. It‟s my BMW 7 series. I am gonna take it to “pick my ride and get some spinning rings on it. and the..You know those full-picked cars you know with hydraulic stuff, you know how they‟re downs and around stuff. I wanna give my wheel chair down stuff.(1:55) why? If I can cross the road and go bang bang bang!It‟s really cool to drive that thing around that I have no arms and no legs and I was actually born in this way. And There is no medical reason why these happen. So I have no limbs, but I have a little chicken drumstick. And we call this chicken drumstick, because first of all it looks like one and second of all sometimes my dog thinks it‟s one. And I tell you man so funny it comes up to start biting on that. I push him in the head a couple of times. It‟s nuts ,man. It‟s so cool man. I love to swim as well and I actually float like a life jacket. I float up right

    like this and I have my little motor down here,and I go „bow-‟this right. And it‟s so funny

    when people see me for the first time. It‟s so cool you‟re kids freaked out you know how to say? I tell you this little boy came up to me and he goes “what happened?” and I went up to him, and I goes:” cigarettes!”. and there was one girl who saw me and she goes “mummy! Look, it‟s an alien!” So I went up to her and I went:” ah~~” she is like ah~~. I ran after her and said:” I am gonna eat you!” You know;Freak her out! So with my little foot

    here, I can also write. This is my pen here. I can actually write and type with my foot but I learn how to draw and all this a lot things. That‟s pretty cool. I learn how to type 43 words in a minute on the normal computer. So it‟s like heeling-toe heeling-toe combination and I

    am learning sign language with my foot I „mma learn it ready? Peace. Is that cool? Very cool. Anyway, we gonna have some fun today. And I just gonna tell you the funny story of all. It‟s so funny. I was in a car one day. When you see me from the outside of the car, you have no idea that I have no arms and no legs right? You just see my gorgeous face. when the traffic lights one day, and this car comes up next to us. And this girl looked at me and I am like:” cool! Let‟s have some fun here.” I know that she has no clue that I have no limbs so I looked at her, I grabbed the seat belt in my mouth and loose it like this and did it in the car seat, I just did this and she was like ;she was like“you freak me out man!” It‟s very

    cool. Anyway, I have a couple of things to show you. I play drums. Do you believe me?

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