differences between chinese and western culture from

By Melissa Anderson,2014-11-12 08:18
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differences between chinese and western culture from

Differences between Chinese and Western culture from "scraping"

    The diversity of culture achievement the whole world culture rich and colorful. In every culture, there are distributed on the of the universal values, this value is called "cultural values". Sino American culture due to political system, ethics, historical tradition, social background, customs, geographical environment is different, the value of national and regional differences.

    Most film makers to cultural differences as a theme has produced a lot of wonderful film, which is known for "scraping" and "pushing hands". "Scraping" is a blend of family, culture, traditional Chinese medicine scraping therapy to produce misunderstanding as the main line, reflects the Chinese abroad because of cultural conflict and into all kinds of difficulties, the touching stories because of sincerity and love people make trouble was finally broke through the film.

    Each nation because of history, living environment, geographic landform formed its own unique culture, way of thinking and values, even in the same culture, sub culture, will also appear different branches, therefore, the difference between eastern and Western culture is absolute. The film p. The film protagonist Xu Datong without forethought, when a lot of people face "lessons" son of Denis, because Denis hit his boss Quinlan's son, but refused to apologize. Quinlan asked why Xu Datong hit a child, "I beat him is to give you face, respect you!" his very puzzled: "what be out of order logic?!" in China, because the child fight parents scolded, blame is normal, but parents discipline their children are thought to be left "face" to each other, but in the West advocate scientific and humanistic spirit of democracy, and small children and adult have equal rights, if the child is not wrong, it should not be criticized. Wrong, most is to teach, whatever, not when so many people not to leave the children a little dignity. They won't Chinese habits "face" blend in, they pay more attention to human nature, to respect the existence and given the respect for individual, even the children, and Chinese concept of face is ingrained. In the cognitive structure of a person in a variety of values. In the event of a conflict between a value orientation and a kind of value orientation, people often must make value preference. A, collective and individual choice. Americans emphasize personal interests, take the limited contribution to the collective attitude; and Chinese think collective interests above personal, "not because of the small family miss you", emphasizes total devotion to the collective. The film, in Jane Ning childbirth, Xu Datong because the company failed to attend the meeting, in American society is unable to accept and forgive. Two, between affection and law choice. Send father home, Xu Datong realize his father's mood, in spite of his USA law will son stole out from the Welfare Institute, in order to let father see grandson before returning to the

    side. In his mind, the family has been above the law, but this behavior and America respect the legal values conflict.

    The film is very like the focus to judge all problems with their values in the Americans, including the culture of his country, always think their country is civilized, good, some can not be accepted by the American thing as crude, vulgar. On the acceptance of foreign culture, Americans do not do well, and since the modern times American in world politics, economy, culture, science and technology related to the strong position, they created a nation psychology, this can be understood. But this has been declared open, civilized country, in dealing with the "child abuse" case has no one to take the initiative to ask the ticket scraping what, just in their own database search said: sorry, we did not find any information about scraping measles, please find a medical authority prove it. Of course, finally Quinlan saw Xu Datong father is such a kind man, think scraping may indeed have their reasons, but also to help his China friends, decided to go to the Chinese walk and see what.

    Of course, things finally resolved, court proceedings to revoke. The results, in addition to normal human conscience, more is due to communication and mutual understanding. Xu Datong American encountered in conflict culture conflict family on the surface of cognitive and social cognitive, deep is a huge difference between the two cultures results. Xu Datong grew up in the China social America Chinese residents, Xu is China type to the cultivation of children, education, this is be totally different with the identity America social concept of family education. Measured by America social concept of family education, Xu Datong is not a competent father, even once deprived of custody. But from the China concept of family education perspective, Xu Datong is a touching father. At the end of the movie happy endings can be said to be a cultural exchange and communication, cultural deep common over the surface result from cultural differences.

    In the context of globalization, China US bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields have become increasingly frequent, first of all we should recognize both cultures are equal, no better or worse, in some ways they can be complementary. In the intercultural communication process, we should guard against the

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