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Doctor: Hello! I am Doctor Sara.

    Patient: Good morning, Doctor Wallace, I am Jules.

    Doctor: Sorry to have kept you waiting, it has been a busy morning. Patient: That‘s all right.

    Doctor: Oh, please take a seat, could you tell me what your problem is? Patient: I had a headache, severe dizziness, ringing noise in my ears and poor memory.

    And when I walk too fast, I get short of breath. I am really worried about


    Doctor: How long have you suffered from all these symptoms?

    Patient: Nearly one week. At first, I didnt pay much attention to them. Then, when

    my headache got worse, I took some pills, but it was useless, on the contrary,

    some others symptoms I just mentioned begun to appear.

    Doctor: Could you give me your wrist? I will feel your pulse. Okay, please open your

    mouth and stick out your tongue. Okay. Could you describe where the exact

    position of your headache?

    Patient: It is like a distending pain, especially the bilateral side. Doctor: How about it at night?

    Patient: It would be much more serious that I even could not get sleep. Doctor: May I ask whether you had a hypertension before?

    Patient: Absolutely not. I seldom got sick every year due to my persistent exercise-


    Doctor: I see, I think youd better test your blood pressure first, please roll up your

    sleeve and straight your arm160/100 mmHg. Your blood pressure is a little

    bit high. Is there any member in your family who also has gotten


    Patient: Yes, I remember my grandfather has it, and he suffered from this disease

    maybe ten years, but he is always taking some antihypertensive drugs and the

    blood pressure has been maintained at a normal level. Besides, although my

    father has a heavy weight, I never heard he got a hypertension. Doctor: Okay, what about your diet?

    Patient: I am from the southern of China, so despite in Beijing, I always have spicy

    food, and prefer to fried meat too. But every day I must eat some fresh fruit

    and drink a cup of milk.

    Doctor: your diet sounds a little unhealthy. I suggest you should reduce to eat the

    spicy food and fried meat, and take more vegetables and fruits. By the way,

    may I know whether there are some special things occurring to you last


    Patient: Special thing? Oh, yes, last Friday, I had a terrible quarrel with one of my

    roommates, for he used my computer for a whole afternoon without my

    permission when I was out, actually he did not realize his disrespect and

    arrogant attitude indeed hurt me, which almost made my blood boil. But for

    some students’ inhibition, we would have a good fight with each other. After

    that, I even didnt take a grain of rice for a whole day. Later, the situation I

    just told appeared.

Doctor: All right, I think I get the reason of your problem. You‘d better relax yourself

    and stop thinking this unhappy thing, meanwhile, you can go outside to have

    a travel, like climbing. As for your little high blood pressure, I must warn you

    should follow a low-salt and low-oil diet and strengthen exercise. At last, I

    wont give your prescription, but you are supposed to take some Chinese

    gooseberries, orange peels and Chinese dates.

    Patient: Okay, I get it. Thank you very much for your doing.

    Doctor: It is my pleasure.

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