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By Sharon Nelson,2014-07-13 17:18
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    PBL Group 1

    Members: Lydia Jackson, Patricia Sauerwine, Laurel Hilton, Caitlin Kordek

    stTopic: Animal Habitats (1 Grade)Particularly the Arctic Habitat

    Driving Question: Why couldn’t we send our class pet, Mertle the Turtle, to

    Antarctica for vacation?


    Students will be searching out the answer to the driving question by doing a PBL station rotation to the following creative stations:

    1. Box Turtle Power Point (slideshow with facts about the box turtle,

    embedded videos, hyperlinked slides, and a time to observe Mertle

    the class pet).

    2. Arctic Animals Glog (facts about arctic animals, habitat, climate, food

    eaten, fur, shelter, etc.)

    3. Blubber Experiment (Students will be able to experiment extreme cold

    and the concept of blubber at this station, using gloves, Crisco, and

    ice). Reflection will occur.

    4. Ice Fishing with Arctic Animals (Students will go ―ice fishing‖ with

    magnets and pick out papers of animals, decide whether or not it is an

    Arctic Animal, and learn a piece of information about the animal that

    was fished).

    -Project will have a culminating activity where the students will reflect on the findings at the two learning centers, results from the blubber experiment, and characteristics of Arctic Animals from the ice fishing station, to decide whether or not Mertle could vacation to Antarctica.

    -Assessment/Culminating project is for each student to do a writing/drawing activity, explaining why or why not the turtle can go to Antarctica (must incorporate their findings). They will be videotaped reading and sharing their responses, and a class movie will be made with all of the answers.

Resource Possibilities:

    -Discovery streaming 51 second video entitled ―Arctic Habitat‖ -

    45FF-8989-B77C535FB7C8&blnFromSearch=1&productcode=US -Songs about Arctic animals - -Experiment Ideas (Blubber) - -Power point about Box turtle needs

Our Group’s Sites:


    Embedded Google Calendar: Wiki also includes links to Videos, Power Points, and Websites that are helpful to

    our project

    Diigo Group:

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