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Unit 5

Tim Berners-Lee www

杨致远 YaHoo

Pierre Omidyar eBay 淘宝网 马云

Marc Andreessen 网景 李彦宏 baidu



Network Designer-Tim Berners-Lee

     Internet computer persons name

    I. Pre-reading Questions

    The students may be asked a number of questions such as the following before they make their guesses. 1. What nationality is Tim Berners-Lee?

    2. Is he a university graduate?

    3. When did he begin to take an interest in the computer?

    4. Did he work in a research institute specializing in computer science?

    5. Was he given the assignment of designing the World Wide Web or did he hit upon the idea just by accident? 6. What was it that made WWW a reality?

     Guess: tell us sth about a person, who is related to or may have contributions to internet.

     Writing style: a kind of Biography

     ShakaKing of Zulus

     A Man From StratfordWilliam Shakespeare

    II. Background Information

    1. In the past decade, Internet has changed people’s way of life and work. It has become an indispensible part

    of human lives.

    Question 1): What’s the usage of Internet in your daily life?

    ? Informationimmediately and conveniently; unlimitedly

    As long as you have learned how to use it, you can turn it to help whenever you need.

    Examinations (CET4, CET6); learning materials(crazy English topics and beautiful sentences); How to

    cook a certain dish; the lines of a song------start the engine, type in the key words, then it is done in

    several minutes. You don’t need to read the referenced books or even go to the library. It serves as an

    encyclopedia. 47.4% using internet to get information

    ? communicationwithout the limit of time/space/money

    E-mail: don’t need waiting for days and go to the post office; you can get reply within minutes no

    matter at home or abroad.

    QQ chat: sound; visual chat; qq zone to show your own thoughts

    BBS: share your opinions with others or do a discussion through messages.

    Blog: publish the compositions of yourself; decorate it as you like to show your personality and

    individuality. connect with all your formal classmates from Middle School to University by using your

    real name and log on to it.

    ? entertainment: music, TV programmes; movies, news or military sports; games

    enjoy to your heart’s content without the interruption of advertisements, do not worry about the time.

    36.3% watch TV on internet

    ? service