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    (5) When Julie was a child, she was a very big fan of animals. As result, all she ever heard growing up was “Julie, you should be a 36 . You are going

    to be a great one.” Then years later, a scholarship allowed her to study in the Ohio State University. Away from the family pressures back home, she found herself one day sitting at her desk, surrounded by biology books and staring out the window, when it suddenly hit her: “I’m in total 37 . I don’t

    want to live the rest of my life with animals! How could I have been so 38 ?

    36. A. carpenter B. vet C. gardener D. columnist 37. A. confidence B. silence C. misery D. surprise 38. A. internal B. innocent C. intellectual D. intelligent (6) The logic behind developing customer 60 is impossible to deny. “In

    practice most companies’ marketing effort is focused on getting customers, with little attention paid to 61 them,” says Adrian of Cornfield University.

    “Research suggests that there is a close relationship between keeping


customers and making profits. 62 customers tend to buy more, are

    predictable and usually cost less to service than new customers. Furthermore, they tend to be less price 63 , and may provide free

    word-of mouth advertising. (2011 上海)

    60. A. beliefs B. loyalty C. habits D. interest

    61. A. varying B. understanding C. keeping D. attracting 62. A. Assumed B. Respected C. Established D. Unexpected 63. A. agreeable B. flexible C. friendly D. sensitive


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