MBA Motivation Letter 2011

By Clifford Ray,2014-07-13 12:56
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MBA Motivation Letter 2011

    Antai - Euromed Management MBA Program (AEMBA) Antai - Euromed Management MBA Program (AEMBA)

    ?Finance ?Global Management ?Talent Leadership ?Finance ?Global Management ?Talent Leadership

    上海交通大学—法国马赛商学院 工商管理硕士项目

    ?投资与金融方向 ?全球管理方向 ?人才领导力方向

    1. Please write a brief statement about yourself, including past work experience, personal interests, and any information about yourself that you wish to share.

    2. Have you compared the AEMBA programme with other equivalent programmes? Please explain why you apply for Antai - Euromed MBA program?

    AEMBA is an affiliate of Euromed Management Ecole de Maseille

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    3. What do you want to learn from the professors and MBA participants? And what you can share with them?

    4. If you are accepted by AEMBA program, what do you believe to be your most substantial accomplishment to your class?




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