TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key

By Veronica Hawkins,2014-01-15 13:28
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TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key

    TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key

    TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key

Listening audio script

Task 1

    Ivor: Last year I went on holiday to Scandinavia. It was a very

    pleasant trip, and we visited all five countries. First, I went to a

    place called Finland, which is next to Russia. We stayed in the

    capital city, Helsinki. Then I moved on to Norway, where we

    stayed in a city called Bergen. Bergen isn’t the capital – that’s

    Oslo. Next I spent a few days in Denmark. It has the most

    beautiful capital city Copenhagen. Ah, wonderful! After that, I

    visited Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm. Finally, I went to the

    last country in Scandinavia, Iceland, which is an island a long

    way from the other countries. Its capital is Reykjavik.

Task 2

    Jane: So what did you do while you were in Scandinavia, Ivor? Ivor: Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday. When I was in Finland, I

    went camping by a lake. There are more than 56,000 lakes in

    Finland! I was very excited, because I’d never been camping


    Jane: Sounds great! What did you do in Oslo?

    Ivor: Well, Oslo is famous for its fjords. I went fishing and caught a

    salmon. I felt so calm while I was out on the water. Jane: Lovely. So what did you do next?

    Ivor: I went sightseeing in Denmark. Copenhagen has so many sights,

    like the statue of the Little Mermaid and Tivoli. When I saw the

    Little Mermaid, I was so surprised!

    Jane: Why was that?

    Ivor: It was so … little.

    Jane: Well, what did you expect? It isn’t called The Big Mermaid, is it?

    Ivor: I suppose not. Anyway, in Sweden, I did some shopping.

    Stockholm is great for shopping. Then I relaxed for a couple of

    days. When I left Sweden, I felt really well-rested. Jane: That’s good. Where was the other place you went?

    Ivor: Iceland I went skiing there. I have to admit I felt quite

    frightened! It was my first time…


    TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key Jane: Yes, I can imagine. Well, it sounds as though you had a great


    Ivor: I certainly did. In fact, I’m going back next year!


    TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key



    1. Finland

    2. Norway

    3. Denmark

    4. Sweden

    5. Iceland


    1. went camping, excited 2. went fishing, calm 3. went sightseeing, surprised

    4. went shopping, well-rested

    5. went skiing, frightened



    1. crowds

    2. excited

    3. parades

    4. costumes

    5. fit

    6. acrobats

    7. noodles

    8. bored


    1. birdhouse wood

    2. T-shirt cotton

    3. window glass

    4. jewelry metal

    5. box cardboard


    TB Stage 5 Progress Test Answer Key


    1. delighted

    2. pleasant

    3. starving

    4. angry

    5. anxious



    1. d)

    2. e)

    3. b)

    4. c)

    5. a)

    6. f)


    1. What’s the name of the family who live / that lives next door?

    2. The teacher always asks me questions which are difficult to answer.

    3. Do you know anybody who wants to buy a bicycle? 4. I have a friend who can repair your TV. 5. I have a hat which you will look good in. 6. I have some news for you which you will find interesting.


    1. Mike said that John was playing soccer. 2. Sarah said (to me) that she wanted to go home. 3. I said (to the shop assistant) that I’d / I had only worn it once.

    4. The shop assistant said (to me) that I couldn’t / could not have a


    5. The manager said that he’d / he would give me a discount.


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