unit 1-4

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unit 1-4


    Human beings live in the realm of nature. They are not only dwellers in nature, but also transformers of it. With the development of society and its economy, people tend to become less dependent on nature directly, but indirectly their dependence grows. Human beings are connected with nature by "blood" ties. No one can live outside nature. However, the previous dynamic balance between man and nature has shown signs of breaking down. Problems such as the population explosion, ecological imbalance and the shortage of natural resources have become major factors keeping human society from being further developed. Professor Spirkin holds that the only choice for human beings is the wise organization of production and care for Mother Nature.

     Unit 4

    Some people think that they've fulfilled their tasks as long as they go on duty and come off duty on time. They never think about what is meant by "work" and why they should work at all. In fact, "work" involves such qualities as wisdom, enthusiasm, imagination and creativity. To do his work well, a worker must have a spirit of dedication, and be capable of bearing hardships and standing hard work. In addition, he should have initiative and creativity. Having initiative means the worker should be ready to grasp every opportunity to display his outstanding ability. In addition, a worker should make clear the nature and

    significance of the work he does, be responsible for whatever he is doing and plunge himself into the work with vigorous enthusiasm. If he can do so, he will find a job no longer a burden but an indispensable part of his life. Whatever he does, he can always find values and pleasure in the work and achieve extraordinary results in otherwise ordinary work.

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