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    Module5Unit1 The world of our senses

    M5U1 Getting along with others

    Period1 Welcome to the unit

    1. To deepen Ss understanding of friendship Teaching Objectives

    2. To practice Ss oral English by getting them involved in the

    discussion of friends and friendship

    3. To learn the way to describe the characteristics of a true friend

    How to stimulate Ss interest in the unit subject? Teaching Important

    How to motive Ss to take an active part in class activities? Points and difficulties

    Brainstorming, group work and discussion. Teaching Methods

    Multimedia like PPT Teaching Aids

    Write it below this table with detail Steps Teaching Procedures

    Write it at the back of the plan to save paper Teaching Records

    Prepare for the reading text by reading and learning the language focus Homework

    part in GB (学海导航). M5U1Part1考点精析

    Step1 Greeting and Lead-in

    1. Listen to the song called Auld Lang Syne(友谊地久天长)

    2. Show students some pictures about friends

    3. Brainstorming questions:

    1) Have you enjoyed the song? Can someone name the song? 2) Can you guess the relationship between the ones in the pictures? 3) Do you have any good friends? How many are they?

    4) Do you think it is important to have a good relationship with others? Why? 5) Do you know the concept of friendship? Try to explain.

    6) In your opinion, what does a real friendship consist of? Step2 Free talk about the pictures

    Talk about the text material on Page 1 in different ways. Go through each picture and find the

    information in the pictures. Talk about new words and emphasize some difficulties as below:

    thief-thieves; mirror; be worth doing; beat

    Step3 Questions and Discussion

    Discuss the 3 questions below the pictures and learn some language points as below:

    get on with; the most important quality in a friend

    Further discussion about the following 2 questions:

    1) What a true friend should be like?

    A friend is someone who

    ---you respect and who respects you/ ---shares your happiness and sorrow ---is trustworthy /---is honest, loving

    ---is devoted and loyal to you/ ---is selfless

    2) Try to think of more proverbs related to friendship.For example, A life without a friend is a life without a sun.

    A man who has friends must show himself friendly.

    Step4 Consolidation

    Draw a conclusion of what weve learnt in class.Check how students master them with little quiz.

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    Module5Unit1 The world of our senses

    Period2 Reading1—— Comprehension

    1. To deepen Ss insight into problems between friends Teaching Objectives

    2. To practice Ss reading comprehension skill and get students to

    master the reading strategyReading to understand feelings.

    3. To identify feelings and emotions in a text

    Reading strategy and reading skills. Teaching Important

    Some difficult sentences with structures or too long to understand. Points and difficulties

    Activities like skimming and scanning. Teaching Methods

    1. Basic teaching tools 2. Multimedia like PPT 3. GB (学海导航) Teaching Aids

    Write it below this table with detail Steps Teaching Procedures

    Write it at the back of the plan to save paper Teaching Records

    1. Make a dialogue according to Part F orally in groups. Homework

    2. Review for a word dictation for welcome and reading.

    Step1 lead-in

    1. Show students a picture about a gang of friends.

     Its a picture of me. Can you find me out and guess who the others are. (My friends)

    2. Brainstorming questions:

    1) Do you have a friend? How do you get along with your friends? 2) Have you ever fallen out with a very good friend?

    3) If you had a quarrel with a friend, how would you deal with it? 4) How would you mend a broken friendship?

    3. Before reading the letters about broken friendships, analyze the reasons that might lead to a

    broken friendship.

    ---having little in common;---lacking trust; ---there being conflict of interest

    ---being jealous of each other;---being indifferent to each other Step2 Reading strategy

    Get students to go through the reading strategy and help them to master it by comparing it with the

    reading text. Language points:

    An advice columnist, event, feel betrayed; ashamed; upset; Step 3 Comprehension of the text

    Help Ss to master the general idea and some details of the text by scanning and skipping the text.

    Complete exercises in TB Part A to E through first reading, second reading, further reading and

    some other reading methods and activities.

    Period 3-4 Reading Language Focus

    1. To grasp the usage of some important words and expressions. Teaching Objectives

    2. To practice some important drills and sentence structure.

     Important words, phrases and drills of the text as below: Teaching Important

    Pretend to do sth, be determined to do; cheerful; spy on; keep pace Points and difficulties

    with; guilty; cruel; agree with sb. about/on/over sth; apologize to sb for

    sth. as a result of; must have done

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    Module5Unit1 The world of our senses

    Explanation, practice and other activities like group competition Teaching Methods

    1. Basic teaching tools 2. Multimedia like PPT 3. GB (学海导航) Teaching Aids

    Write it below this table with detail Steps Teaching Procedures

    Write it at the back of the plan to save paper Teaching Records

    Period 3: Finish GB Part1: 词汇通关+跟踪检测 Homework

    Period 4: Discuss mistakes in GB and collect difficulties into books.

    Step1: Demonstration (SB Part F)

    Ask Ss to demonstrate their dialogues for Part F in groups. Step2: Read and learn

    Ask some students to read the important paragraphs of the text. Explain some difficulties in the

    text with the help of GB. Make sure that most of the students can read and master the usages of

    the new knowledge.

    Step3: Practice

    1. Practice with exercises in SB workbook. Part A1& A2 and GB Part 2. 2. Emphasize difficulties and practice more to consolidate the points. Additional materials:


    Explain the underlined words and make a sentence according to the picture given.

    1. I was determined to be cheerful… (do something with a firm desire) Eg. Though she loved him, she was determined to leave him. 2. we weren’t going to be friends any more because she couldn’t keep her word.(Line 24)

    (do what one has promised)

    eg. She is a good girl and can always keep her word. 3. … , and as a result of (=because of )his careless playing, we lost. eg. As a result of his careless study, he failed the Maths test. 4. … I cannot help wondering if she wants Peter to be his best friend instead of me cannot take

    control of oneself and do…

    eg. When thinking to the jokes, I can’t help laughing.

    5 … I must have sounded very proud of myself after the quiz.

    must have done means guessing that something has happened because there seems to be no other


    More sentences in the text:

     Everyone must have laughed behind my back!

     She said that someone must have heard us in the toilets, but I don’t believe her.

    eg.It must have snowed yesterday.


     What does the word mean in different sentences? 1. Hannah sensed something was wrong.

     He doesn’t seem to have any sense of humor.

     There is no sense in getting upset about it now.

     One day he will come to his senses and see what a fool he has been.

     This article does not make sense to me.


    1.He said it wasn’t his fault if he couldn’t play as well as me and that I shouldn’t shout at him.

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    Module5Unit1 The world of our senses

    If there are two object clauses in one sentence, that is used at the beginning of the second object clause and cannot be left out.

    eg. She said (that) she would fly to Paris and that she would bring me a present. 2. Since the match, he hasn’t spoken to me even though we sit next to each other in class.

    They decided to leave each other even though they loved each other. 3. Various forms of a verb

    … how I was sure to get a good mark.

    I was determined to be cheerful. to infinitive

    I made her promise not to tell anyone. bare infinitive