We have received 1

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We have received 1

    We have received 1.75 HRCI recertification credits for the September SHRM Program.

    Please be sure to RSVP by September 14th to ensure an accurate food count. Hope to see you all there!

    Thursday September 20, 2007:


    Using the DISC Assessment to

    Build and Unify Your Team

Your Teams got Style We’ve all got Style!

Understanding your DISC Behavioral style and using it for a Team Building. Join us as in the discussion of how

    the DISC Behavioral Preference Instrument can help you connect at a new level with your team. Gain a deeper

    understanding and knowledge of what is unique about each person, including their personality and behavioral tendencies. This highly interactive and action packed workshop covers the practical application of team communication, leadership techniques and work style differences, while building a strong team and having some fun.

    Jen Sandbulte, SPHR, is a Leadership Coach and Human Resource Practice Lead for the Harbor Consulting Group. She holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in marketing both from the University of South Dakota .

She brings over 12 years of human resources and management experience in manufacturing and distribution. Jen has

    extensive experience in all facets of Human Resources. She is qualified to connect HR as a strategic driver of organizational performance and she is equally comfortable in the operational day-to-day execution of HR systems and processes. From evaluating benefits plans and

    recruiting to walking along side executives as they work through tough decisions and make future growth plans, Jen is able to touch each level of the organization.

DISC Behavior Profiles will be the topic of discussion. Jen will identify what a DISC Behavior Profile is and how it

    impacts our individual performance as well as those we work with on a daily basis. Jen will help us understand how

    this leads us to a more effective way of communicating (and who couldnt use a fresh approach or reminder here!) and

    team building.

Main Learning Objectives:

    ; Gain a better understanding of both our own and others behavior styles.

    ; Learn ways to improve our interpersonal communication skills

    ; Gain an understanding of how our behavioral style drives performance.

    ; Help build a better understanding of how being aware of and respecting individual behavioral styles can build better teams and enable better coaching, feedback, leadership, teamwork, etc.

    Jen will review with us each of the 4 quadrants of the DISC profile and then discuss the impact that diversity of behavioral styles has on teams and the importance of ensuring that you have a team with diversity in styles. (ie if we

    have an HR department of all friendly out going people and no one with attention to detail, what happens?, or vise versa? Yet, we tend to hire people who are more like us than opposite us because they are easier to manage.) Well

    then do a learning activity that demonstrates the impact of different styles on teamwork.

This action packed session will BE FUN, spark new ideas, refresh some old ideas, and leave you feeling hopeful

    for the team work in your organization.

    Put us on your calendar:

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    8:00 to 10:00

    Western Iowa Tech

    Corporate College Building

    Room B138

    Parking Lot 2B, Entrance 8

This event is free to all Siouxland SHRM members.

    There will be a $20 fee for non-members and a $10 fee for student non-members. If you join Siouxland SHRM at this meeting the fee will be waived.

To RSVP (Please RSVP for food count):

    Go to the Siouxland Chapter of

    SHRM Website


    And click on the RSVP button. Or,

    e-mail Karen Irwin at VP of

    Membership or call her at 712-277-

    0282 by September 14, 2007

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