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school students are interested in it. Unit 11 _13 知识练习 A. fortunately B. mostly C. extremely D. easily ( )28. _________ spoon is this?—It’s Julie’s. She put it here just 从下面各题所给的ABCD四个选项中,选择可以填入空白处now. 的最佳选项。,30分! A. Who B. Whom C. Whose D. Where ( )1. I’m tired. I want to take the _________ to the fifth floor. ( )29. I don’t know ____ when I meet foreign people. A. order B. escalator C. magic D. structure A. where should I do B. where I should do ( )2. Learning about culture is ___________ as learning grammar and C. what should I do D. what I should do words.A. as important B. more important ( )30. Thank you for the delicious dinner.______. C. most important D. same important A. Don’t say that B. Never mind ( )3. —Why didn’t you __________ your homework on time? C. It’s nothing important D. I’m glad you enjoyed it I watched the football match and forgot to do it. II. 完形填空(每小题1,10) A. make up B. dress up C. hand in D. hand out 阅读下面的材料,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的AB( )4. Why do we sometimes use indirect expressions? CD四个选项中,选择最佳选项。 Because they _________ more polite. In our life, it seems difficult to be polite to other people all the A. look B. remain C. sound D. listen time. Many people become rude to other people very 31 . Here are ( )5. I would prefer ________ DVDs at home rather than _____ to the three pieces of advice to help you to be a polite person: cinema. A. to watch; go B. to watch; going Smile C. watching; to go D. watching; go You are supposed to say hello to other people with a smile, 32 it ( )6. When he _______ in the street, some poor people asked him for may be the first time you have met them. 33 feels smaller or stronger if money.A. would hang out B. was hanging out you smile at someone when you first meet them. A sweet smile is the C. would put out D. was putting out 34 way to show your kindness (友善) and start a conversation. ( )7. He always reads the books that _______ to him as quickly as Use sorry, please and thank you D. are lent possible.A. borrow B. lend C. are borrowed Whenever you need help from someone, say please before asking ( )8. There might be __________ in the street. Let’s go out and have a them. If someone has helped you, then don’t 35 to say thank you in look.A. something happened B. happening something return (作为回报) or if you have done something wrong, be sure to say C. something will happen D. something happening sorry. Other people would be glad to help you in future and these 36 ( )9. This is the reason ______ my grandfather bought this farm. words will show how polite you are. A. when B. why C. where D. how Don’t argue ( )10. _____ seems that it is going to rain. In some situations, you may not 37 with someone’s opinion. If A. That B. This C. It D. Its you disagree with what someone thinks, it is best to be calm and polite. ( )11. You shouldn’t spend ________ time on computer games. 8 what the other person is saying. If Listen to him or her, and try to 3A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too the other person is becoming rude, keep 39 for a few moments. When ( )12. _______ Jane _______ her mother like this movie very much. he or she calms down (冷静下来), tell the other person your 40 more A. Neither; nor B. Either; or C. Both; and D. Not only; but also politely. ( )13. Excuse me, could you please tell me ___________? ( )31. A. differently B. easily C. especially D. usually A. how get to the nearest post office B. how can I get to the ( )32. A. according to B. not only C. as well as D. even though nearest post office ( )33. A. Someone B. Anyone C. No one D. Everyone C. where is the nearest post office D. where the nearest post ( )34. A. most frustrating B. most difficult C. slowest D. best office is ( )35. A. forget B. remember C. ask D. answer ( )14. I wonder when____________.A. finish the job B. ( )36. A. sour B. empty C. peaceful D. simple finishing the job C. you can finish the job D. can you finish the job ( )37. A. talk B. agree C. discuss D. smile ( )15. Could you please explain the differences between these two ( )38. A. teach B. cause C. solve D. understand words?___________. ( )39. A. quiet B. terrified C. angry D. Anxious A. Sure B. Yes, I could C. This is better D. You’d better not ( )40. A. smell B. interest C. idea D. feature ( )16. Some scientists are doing an experiment in the laboratory. III. 阅读理解(每小题2,20) 阅读短文,选择最佳选项。 What is ________ experiment about? A A. a B. an C. the D. / It is very important to get along well with other people when you ( )17. It is bad ________ to make a noise when you eat noodles in are at school. Good communication (交流) skills will have a great America. A. rules B. rule C. manners D. manner influence on your school life and your future. There are several ways ( )18. Three ________ are on the table. for you to develop the communication skills. A. bread B. knives C. tea D. rice Talk about the topics that the listeners are interested in instead of ( )19. Teresa is ______ this name. She has never heard of it before. talking about your own interest. You may have seen a 60-year-old A. familiar to B. familiar with C. unfamiliar to D. woman talking with a young man about football happily. The old unfamiliar with ( )20. James finds it hard to feel ________ around woman may not really be interested in football, but she knows that the other people.A. interested B. relaxed C. interesting D. relaxing young man likes football. ( )21. Mr. Clinton ________ hands with you just now, didn’t he? Be a good listener. Those who like talking to you probably care A. didn’t shake B. shook C. has shaken D. hasn’t shaken about you. Listen to their advice carefully. Of course, you can talk ( )22. A knife ________ into his arm by a thief and he was sent to about your ideas at a proper (适当的) time. hospital at once.A. was stuck B. stuck C. will stick D. will be stuck Help other people who are in trouble. If you do, I’m sure they ( )23. She ______ eat out, but now she ______ cooking and eating at will not only like you but also help you whenever you need any help. home.A. used to; used to B. was used to; used to There is a saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." C. used to; is used to D. is used to; was used to And, appreciate other people when they say some beautiful ( )24. The little boy is made _____ the floor every day. words to you. Usually this means that they like or admire (欣赏) you. A. to sweeping B. swept C. sweep D. to sweep It’s easy to say but hard to do, but all the above suggestions are ( )25. You are supposed ______ a present to her on her birthday. very helpful in developing your communication skills. A. to give B. to giving C. to be given D. give ( )41. What is this passage mainly about? ( )26. Crystal is a disabled person and can’t go to school, but she tries A.How to become rich. B. How to get along well with other to learn English and math at home ________herself. people. A. by B. with C. of D. as C. How to learn some life skills. D. How to talk with other people. ( )27. This website is used ________ by college students. Few middle ( )42. Good communication skills are _______ in making you a

successful person. 60. The father is t_________ by his son’s bad behavior at school.

    A. helpful B. tiring C. difficult D. boring B) 用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。(每小题1)

    ( )43. How many ways are mentioned to develop the skills in getting 61. Jane _________ (lend) 50 dollars to her classmate yesterday.

    along with other people? 62. I was just _________ (wonder) how long it had taken people to

    A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four. build such a big house.

    ( )44. Which of the following is NOT true? 63. My mother doesn’t want to go to the supermarket on weekends. It

    A. Good communication skills can have a great influence on is too _______ (uncrowded).

    one’s life. B. Helping other people is very important. 64. Tom would like to take part in some ___________ (organize)

    C. To make other people like you, you should always talk about activities after school.

    what you are good at. 65. A ________ (certainly) important person will give us a speech this

    D. You can give your own advice after listening to other people. afternoon.

    ( )45. When someone says something good about you, you should C) 根据中文提示完成下列句子。(每小题2)

    _______.A. shout B. laugh C. say "thank you" D. say "I’m 66. 饭前洗手是很普通也很必要的活动。________ ________ not good at all" _______ a common and necessary activity before eating.

    B 67. 知道如何礼貌地提出请求很重要。

    阅读短文,选择最佳选项。 ______ important ______ _______ _______ to make requests politely.

    David Smith is a new person in a big company. His duty is to 68. 为了不让你妈妈生气,你最好先征得她的允许。

    sell fishing gear (渔具). Last night, David reported to his director that ______ ________ _______ ________ ________ your mother angry, he had sold fishing gear for 10,000 dollars in one day. Everybody felt you ________ ___________ ask for her permission first. very surprised and didn’t believe him at first. How did he do that? 69. 像这样的表达方式可能听起来很不礼貌。

    Yesterday morning, on the way to his office, David met a rich man, Jeff Expressions _______ this may _______ rude.

    0. 对不起打扰您了,但是你能告诉我去光明影院怎么走吗, Green. After talking to him, David learned that Jeff was going to the 7

    supermarket to buy a basket for his wife. David said to Jeff in a sad I’m _______ to _______ you but could you tell me the _______ voice, "Your weekend is destroyed. Why not try going fishing this _______ Guangming Cinema?

    weekend?"Jeff thought it was a good idea and agreed. David showed 完成句子。(每小题1)

    Jeff his fishing gear and chose a fishing rod (钓鱼竿) that was three 1. 平缓的音乐让他很放松。Peaceful music meters long for Jeff. But Jeff thought the fishing rod was too long and ______________________.

    he couldn’t go fishing in a small boat. David advised Jeff to buy a 2. 等她让他很生气。Waiting for her ____________________. sailing boat so that he could have a good time with his family and 3. 这个好消息让我们高兴。This good news ___________________. friends on weekends and holidays. Jeff was very pleased with his 4. 喜剧片让我大笑。Comedies ___________________. advice, and then he bought some more fishing gear for his family and 5. 悲伤的音乐不会让我想哭。Sad music doesn’t friends. In the end, Jeff paid 10,000 dollars for everything and went ______________________.

    home without going to the supermarket. In the end everyone in the 6. 他以卖报为生。 He ______________ by selling newspapers. company thought that David was good at selling things. 7. 考试的时候他老是犯错误。 He is always _______________ in

    exams. ( )46. David is a(n) ______.

    A. old worker B. new worker C. director D. customer 8.她的妈妈昨天给她做了一个蛋糕。 Her mother ( )47. Everyone was surprised by David Smith’s selling report at first _____________________ yesterday. because they thought that ________. 9. Tom的车是中国制造的。 Tom’s car ____________ China.

    A. David was dishonest most of the time 10. Peter 上课的时候经常做鬼脸。 Peter often ________________ in

    class. B. David didn’t like the director

    11. 他的桌子是木制的。His desk ______________. C. David often made mistakes

    D. it was impossible for David to earn () so much money in one day 12. 纸是用木头制的。 Paper __________________.

    13.老师让我们用“石头”造句。 ( )48. Which of the following is NOT true?

    A. Jeff bought some fishing gear for his family and friends. The teacher let us _______________ by using stone.

    B. People in the company still didn’t believe David in the end. 14.他给tom做了一个风筝是为了让他高兴。

    C. Jeff met David on his way to the supermarket. He ____________________ to please hin. D. Jeff will probably go fishing this weekend. 15.请给我让点空。 Please __________________ for me. ( )49. Why did Jeff Green give up going to the supermarket?

    A. Because his wife asked him not to go there. (1) make a kite / plane 制作(2) make money 赚钱

    B. Because he forgot what he had to do. (3) make up ( be made up of ...) 组成(4) make sure 确定

    C. Because he wanted to enjoy the weekend. (5) make friends 交朋友(6) make faces 做鬼脸

    D. Because his wife had bought a basket for herself. (7) be made of / from ……制成(8) be made in + sp. 在某地制造

    ( )50. What can we learn from the passage? (9) be made by sb. … …制造(10) make the bed 整理床铺

    A. David Smith is very clever and good at selling things. (11) make a decision = make up one's mind 做决定

    B. Jeff Green bought the sailing boat for his wife as a birthday gift. (12) make mistakes 犯错(13) make a speech 作演讲

    C. David Smith got 10,000 dollars from the company as a reward ((14) make breakfast / dinner 煮饭

    ). (15) make a plan 定计划(16) make a toast to sb. sb敬酒

    D. The director didn’t think David had done a good job. (17) make noise 制造噪音(18) make a living 谋生

    IV. 基础题A) 根据首字母提示写单词,完成句子。(10) (19) make a conversation with sb. sb对话

    51. Fishing is r_________ and fun. I often go fishing on Sundays. (20) make it 及时赶到

    52. Ice is f______ when the weather is very cold. (21) make/keep + n. + adj. 使…..怎样

    53. Would you like some more rice? make me energetic

     —No, thanks. I’m f_____. (22) make sb./sth. do 使….sth make me cry 54. Put the r_______ in this bag and then throw it away. (23) make a fire 生火(24) make tea泡茶

    55. The rose is a s_______ of love. (25) make progress 前进, 进步。

    56. We have to find a place to p________ our car before entering the (26) make a sentence with ……造句

    restaurant to have lunch.

    57. My grandfather likes living in the countryside. He especially enjoys the f_______ air there.

    58. The woman sells fruit and vegetables in a m________ every day. 59. The movie star performed a m________ at the party.

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