5 Ways for Selling Your Ship

By Phillip Morgan,2014-07-13 02:37
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5 Ways for Selling Your Ship

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    5 Ways for Selling Your Ship

    by Smita 23 August 2011

    Looking for ways to sell your ship fast and effectively? Are you worried you might not find the right takers for your ship? You think you might not get the price for you ship for what it’s worth? Well, you need not worry anymore. Selling a ship does not have to be as difficult or as long as you anticipate it to be?

    All you need to do is to make a few changes, get a few things right and before you know, you can have a lot of takers for your ship who will value it for its real worth.

    1. Presentation: Make your ship look good

    The first thing to know about effective and quick ship sale is to present in the best way possible. Clean it well, take good photos and present it suitably. Create a good ambience and make sure the photos capture the best essence of your ship. The best time to do this is in natural light, out in the open.

    You can either do it on your own or hire someone who specializes in this. There are some freelance people or agencies that can help you with this. But you should keep in mind that when you are thinking about selling a ship, you need to let people know it’s worth and correct presentation of it is the best way to do that.

    2. Make a good advertisement: it is your ship’s first impression

    Another important thing about making a good and quick vessel sale is to make a good

    advertisement. When you present an ad for you ship anywhere, maybe online or in a newspaper or anywhere else, you are putting out your ship for people to see. Make sure it is done in a way that will impress them. Also, make sure the advertisement is unique and descriptive. When someone is looking at advertisements of ships for sale, they expect to find a nice description of that ship, telling them what it is like exactly. This helps make them a decision much quicker. So make sure your advertisements include all the vital information in a detailed manner.

    3. Fair pricing: Be reasonable


     It’s understandable that you want the best price for your ship. But it is also important that you be reasonable about it. Setting a price that is over the top or seems unfair to the purchasers will only mean you will lose on potential buyers. So get a good idea of the price that you should quote on your ship.

    For that, look into the market to get the best idea of the pricing. And once you have done that, always keep in mind that this might not be the final price you will finally sell a ship at. Be open to negotiations and a little deviation. That might not be your first plan but will sure help you make a quick ship sale.

    4. Explore the options: Look the most that you can

     When you are thinking about selling a ship, you need to make sure you use all the options available to you for doing that. Internet, agencies, newspaper, relations, acquaintances, docks and wherever else you think you might be able to find suitable takers for your ship can be good places to start your search.

    Being restricted to one medium can also restrict the number of buyers you come in contact with and henceforth can lengthen the vessel sale procedure.

    5. Be patient: things that are worth it come in due time

    And the final thing and probably the most important is that if you have a ship for sale, you need to have patience too. It is very important to not get too worried if you can’t find a suitable taker for your ship right in the start. Panic about this can lead to you making a hasty decision, something you might regret. It is best to keep in mind that selling a ship takes some time. So you need to keep a clear head, keep looking and then settle for what you think is most appropriate.

    Thinking about ship sale, it is normal to have some worries. But if can get these few things straight, you can make it simpler, easier and quicker.



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