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    1. The Sawyers l_____ at 27 King street.

    2. Mary and her friends often drink tea t__________. 3. At night, they usually w_______ television. 4. The students always do their h___________ at night. 5. The teacher want a large box of c________. 6. The shop a_____________ gives me a bottle of glue. 7. They are not reading English, at this m_______, they are watching TV.

    8. I want to write a letter. Give me an e__________ and some paper.

    9. Mrs. Sawyer stays at home every day. She does the h___________. She cooks the meal, washes

    the clothes, and cleans the house.

    10.He often has his l_________ at 12 oclock, but today, his mother doesnt cook the meal for him.


    1 A B

     1. watch A. a letter

     2. type B. television

     3. do C. the bed

     4. make D. the blackboard

     5. clean E. homework


     A B

     1. drink A. lunch

     2. eat B. the floor

     3. stay C. for the bus

     4. sweep D. at home

     5. wait E. water


    1. Tom and his brother _____________ (arrive) home at 5 oclock every day.

    2. Wait a moment. My father ________________ (shave) 3. He often _________ (play) football with his friend. 4. What is he doing?

    He ____________ (play) in the garden.

    5. He usually _____________ (drink) a cup of tea at 4 oclock every afternoon, but now, he

    _____________ (drink) coffee.

    6. Every night, my mother _____________ (cook) the meal for us. 7. Look. The little girl ____________ (swim) across the river. 8. What __________ she ________ (go) to do?

    She is going to the shop.

    9. _________ you ______ (want) the first cup of coffee or the second one?

    I want the second one.

    10. Tom often ___________ (come) late for class and now he _________ (wait) for the bus.


    1. father, their, them, take, school, to, day, every. ___________________________________________________. 2. always, she, her, lunch, eats, at, 12 oclock.



    3. Mr. Sawyer, reads, his, newspaper, usually, at night. ___________________________________________________. 4. stays, Mr. Black, home, at, day, every.

    ___________________________________________________. 5. the, man, tea, drinks, usually, living, the, room, in. ____________________________________________________. 6. children, the, usually, to, go, school, car, by. ___________________________________________________. 7. any, do, have, you, money?

    ___________________________________________________. 8. want, I, a, large, chalk, box, of.

    ___________________________________________________. 9. sister, often, her, to, the, goes, library. ____________________________________________________. 10. my, sweeps, usually, floor, the, sister, in, morning, the. ____________________________________________________. ?从下列中选出恰当的选项完成对话。;10分,

    A. What are you doing?

    B. What else do you want?

    C. Whats the time now?

    D. Where is my bag?

    E. Good morning

    F. What are you going to do?

    G. How do you do?

Tom: Good morning, Mother.

    Mother: _________, Tom.

    Tom: ____________?

    Mother: Its seven oclock.

    Tom: Im brushing the teeth.

    Mother: Hurry up. Here is the breakfast. What do you want? Tom: I want a cup of milk and a piece of bread. Mother: Here you are. __________?

    Tom: Thats all. Thank you.

    (its now 7:30)

    Mother: Tom, hurry up.

    Tom: But, mum, ___________.

    Mother:Its on your bed.

    ?判断下列句子是否正确:正确的填字母Y 错误的填字母N。;10分,

    1. Mrs. Black sweep the floor every day. ( ) 2. There is some flowers in the vase. ( ) 3. Her sister goes to school at seven oclock every morning. ( ) 4. The children comes home from school. ( ) 5. She and her mother go the shop together. ( ) 6. The little girl is play in the room. ( ) 7. He usually drinks tea in the morning, but today, he drinking coffee. ( )


8. I not have any small pad. ( )

    9. Which one do you want, the large one or the small one? ( )

    10. Do you and Sam have any wine? ( )


    1. Do you want the large size or the small size?

    _________________________________________________? 2. She usually reads English in the morning.

    _________________________________________________. 3. We usually arrive home at five oclock, but today, we arrived home at six oclock.


    4. I dont like autumn and winter.


    5. The children are playing in the garden.


    6. 现在几点了~8点了。






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