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(第一篇)-where do you prefer to live in? city or country?

    -- country.i think.

    --why?becuase of the beautiful scenery?

    --yes,but it's just one handin another hand, i like the feeling to get on with nature,it s really enjoyable to breath the air there,listen to the birds singing there and plan sth by myselfbesidesthe country is quiet,I prefer to live in quiet place

    --I see.that sounds great.

    --and you?which one do you prefer?

    --oh I think ,I like city.

    --I guess so,but why?

    --well, first , the city has a better living standard than the countryside. as we know ,we can get better higher educational condition ,which is so important to us that if we miss it ,our lives won't be the same time ,it provides us with better health care system, which can help us live a less painful and healthy life. second ,the city doesn't only provide us with abundant material supplies but also give us entertainment.the city build up a lot public facilities ,such as parks, cinemas ,fitness centers and so on.we can breath fresh air ,do exercises,have colorfull weekends.

     --yeah,the life in city is colourful.why not try to live in country for two or three days? I plan to do so next week,do you want to go with me?

    --oh yes!that s great;I think i can discuss with you later on.


    ;第三篇?Ahey,have you hear the new that happened yesterday

     in CQTV

    BOh,no,I don’t like to get news by TV ,For the one thing I prefer to surf the

    internet ,which is convenient the information on the internet is more abundant than

    what’s in TV.

    AI see.that sounds great

    Band you?en ,From the question what you asked me ,I guess you like to get news by TV

    Aoh,exactly right Don’t think the informations which are provided for us in TV are direct and time-saving.

    Bwell,you have a point there,it indeedly sometimes must cost us much time to choose the right news what we want from internetmaybeI can try to use your way

    to get news

    ;第四篇?AWhat's your ideal job in the future?

    BI want to be an lawyer very much,because I want to help people who suffer the unfair things But it is very hard to get certified for Bar ExaminationAnd the

    company always requires an experienced lawyer

    AYeah, experience is key element for finding a job. Now that we are inexperienced, we should be more careful and work harder.

    BYes what about you?

AI want to be an administrative personnel, because I like to work in an stable

    condition and devote myself to help people who have problem in life BYes, I also plan to take a training course for CPA. Then I'm gonna apply for a job as an ordinary lawyer assistant in the company. And I can accumulate some experience there.

    AThat's a good strategy! Maybe I can consider the idea which you put forward Bok

    (第二篇)AAs everybody kown,cell phones are playing an important part in our daily life ,nowdays,Being compared with regular phone ,what advantage cell phones have

    Ben,I think ,Firstly ,cell phones make it is convenient for people to keep in touch with each other wherever you are ,Especially,when they heve something important ,secondly,we can send messages by cell phone with little money,thirdly,with more functions it has,we can also play games or take photos or listen to music on the cell phone,whats more ,its prorable for us to take

    A:well ,what you say are right,even so ,there are many disavantages,For example,we have to pay for the wrong numbers which are not for us,the radioactives may do harm to our health ,sometimes the rings affect others in public or at the meeting,besides,its

    also easy to lose and costly to get it repaired

    B:oh,that sounds right ,so we must avoid the bad aspect of cell phone as much as possible .I believe the cell phone can benefit us much more

    A:en ,thatright

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