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    Unit1 Friendship----Speaking

    Hello, everyone. Today I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is friendship taken from Unit 1 in Book1. It is made up of four parts.

PART 1 Analysis of the Teaching Material


    1. This unit is the first unit of Book 1, so if the students can learn this lesson well, it will be helpful to make the students learn the rest of this book.

    2. The topic of this unit is friendship with a variety of teaching activities including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    3. The part of speaking bears the weight of the importance of language and the information of culture. Read the letter and listen to the tape to know how Miss Wang to help Lisa to solve her problem about making friends. By discussing this topic, students not only learn the speaking skills, some new words and phrases, but also to know some ways to solve problems about making friends.


    1. Knowledge objects

    ?To make the Ss learn some important new words, phrases and expression. E.g. I agree, All right, Im afraid not

    ?To make the Ss learn to talk about friendship with English.

    2. Ability objects

    ?To improve the Ss’ speaking ability and to use some speaking skills.

    3. Moral objects

    ?To enable the students to realize the importance of friendship and to cherish friendship through reading this article.


    1. To cultivate the Ss’speaking skills and to learn to appreciate friendship.

    2. To enable the Ss to learn and master the words and phrases in the context. 3. To improve Ss’ speaking skills.


    1. How to improve the speaking skills.

    2. To master the expressions about agreeing and disagreeing.


    Multi-media computer; tape recorder; software: PowerPoint

PART 2 Teaching Methods

    Before dealing with this lesson, I’ll do my best to carry out the following theories: Make the Ss the real masters in class while the teacher himself acts as director(

    Combine the language structures with the language functions; Let the students receive some moral education while they are learning the English language.

    1. Task-based teaching

    2. Cooperative learning

    3. To discuss

    Double activities teaching method

     5. Question-and-answer activity teaching method

     6. Watch-and-listen activity

     7. Free discussion method

     8. Pair work or individual work method

Part 3. Teaching steps / procedures

    I have designed the following steps to train their ability of listening, speaking,

    reading and writing, especially speaking ability. The entire steps are:

    Greetings, Lead-in ,Pre-speaking, Speaking , Listening and consolidation, Language

    Points, Discussion ,Homework.

    Step 1 Greetings

    greet the whole class as usual.

    Step 2 Revision

    1. Ask students some questions to revise the last lessonshow them on the screen.

    2. Check the homework (Through this part we can consolidate what they studied

    yesterday, communicate with others about their survery results and prepare for the

    new lesson.)

    Step 3 Lead-in and Pre-Speaking

    The key point of this step is to inspire the Ss’ interest.

    Activity by: student-teacher interaction.

    Read a letter that Lisa wrote to Miss Wang and listen what Miss Wang will say.

    Step 4.Speaking

    1. Speak some sentences using the phrases of agreeing or disagreeing.

    eg. I gree/Yes,I think so/Certainly/I don’t think so/Im afraid not

    2. Use these expressions in your conversation. Step 5 Speaking and consolidation

    1Retell the contents of Lisaletrer.

    2Say some advice that Miss Wang gives.

    3Use some expression to

    Step 6 Language Points

    1I agree

    2of course

    3good idea

    4that is not right

    5I disagree


    Do you agree with Miss Wangs advice?

    By discussing to make the Ss know how to deal with the problems about making friends.

    Step 8 Homework

     1. Do Speaking Task in the exercise books. This is used to make the students have a further improvement of speaking ability and a further comprehension of friendship.

     2. Write a short passage about friendship. This is used to practice writing ability of the students.

PART 4 Blackboard Design

    Unit1 Friendship

    I agree / I disagree

    In my opinion, the blackboard design can reflect the teacher’s ability of mastering the

    text and leading the students to master the text easily.

    In this text, the design is not easy to write. I write the topic sentences on the blackboard in order to tell the students that this is of the importance in this class. The discussion is of the difficulty.

    I want to make the design inductive, instructive and artistic.

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