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Old and Middle English Period

     William Langland’s (威廉朗格兰) is written in the form of a dream vision.

    正确答案! B. Piers the Plowman 《农夫皮尔斯》

     The fifteen century has been traditionally described as the barren age in English literature. But it is the spring tide of English .

    正确答案! ballads

     Among the Middle English poets, three are the greatest. One is the author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 《高文爵士和绿衣骑士》 The other two are William Langland (威廉朗格兰) and


    正确答案! Geoffrey Chaucer 杰弗里?乔叟

     Today Chaucer is regarded as the father of English poetry. His masterpiece is .

    正确答案! The Canterbury Tales《坎特伯雷故事》

     In the year 1066, the Normans defeated the Anglo-Saxons at the battle of .

    正确答案! Hastings

     was the first to be buried in Poet’s corner of Westminster Abbey. (威斯敏斯特大教堂)

    正确答案! Geoffrey Chaucer

     It is to that we owe much of the preservation of Old Anglo-Saxon Literature. 正确答案! B. Alfred the Great (阿尔弗雷德大帝)

     Chaucer employed the _____ couplet in writing his greatest work The Canterbury Tales. 正确答案! Heroic

     captured the spirit of the medieval period just as it was ending. 正确答案! D. Geoffrey Chaucer

     The history of English literature begins in the____ century.

    正确答案! 5th

     After the withdrawal of the Roman troops, England was soon invaded by three Germanic (Teutonic) tribes: the Angles, the and the Jutes.

    正确答案! Saxons

     is the repetition of a speech sound in a sequence of nearby words, and is usually applied only to consonants and only when the recurrent sound begins a word or a stressed syllable within a word.

    正确答案! A. Alliteration

     Chaucer did much in making the dialect of the foundation for modern English


    正确答案! London

     In the medieval period, was the important code of behavior for the knights.

    正确答案! chivalry

     is a 3182-line alliterative verse, considered the monumental work in English poetry of the Anglo-Saxon period, or the national epic of the English people.

    正确答案! A. Beowulf (贝奥武夫/贝武夫)

     English literature actually began with the settlement in England.

    正确答案! C. Anglo-Saxon

     The accelerated the development of feudalism in England.

    正确答案! Norman Conquest

     The work that presented, for the first time in English literature, a comprehensive realistic picture of the medieval English society and created a whole gallery of vivid characters from all walks of life is most likely _______.

    正确答案! D. Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

     is the best of Arthurian romances, the most attractive and beautiful romance of chivalry, and one of the finest pieces of artistry of the English Middle Ages.

    正确答案! D. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 《高文爵士和绿衣骑士》

     The Vision Concerning Piers the Plowman is ’s famous poem.

    正确答案! William Langland

     In his Italian period (c. 1372~1385), Chaucer wrote under the influence of the great literary geniuses of early Renaissance in Italy , Petrarch and Boccaccio.(但丁,彼特拉克,卜

    伽丘 )

    正确答案! D. Dante

     In , St. Augustine (圣奥古斯丁) and his monks landed in Kent. Then England was

    Christianized part by part in the following century.

    正确答案! 597

     Which of the following does not happen in the Middle English period?

    正确答案! D. The accepting of Christianity.

     For nearly two centuries into the Old English period, pagan poetry and pagan spirit remained dominant on the poetic scene. It was essentially a body of .

    正确答案! heroic poetry

     The only organic whole poem to come out of the Anglo-Saxon period is . 正确答案! B. Beowulf 贝奥武夫/贝武夫

     The two important prose works of the Old English period are The Ecclesiastical History of England by Bede and founded by King Alfred the Great. ?爱德华一世?

    正确答案! A. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

     Beowulf unfolds a picture of an early society, of its public life, its customs, rituals

    and cultural activities.

正确答案! B. Danish

     The spirit of knighthood is reflected in the literature, especially in the , based on the stories of King Arthur (亚瑟王).

    正确答案! D. Round Table Legends

     Beowulf is a ______ poem, describing an all-round picture of the tribal society.

    正确答案! D. pagan

     Chaucer Was once influenced by Italian Literature. His major work during this period is _____.

    正确答案! A. Troilus and Criseyde

     The most important romance of the Middle English period is about . It was written in Latin.

    正确答案! C. King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

     In English poetry, a four-line stanza is called .

    正确答案! B. quatrain

     The provides a framework for the tales in The Canterbury Tales, and it comprises a

    group of vivid pictures of various medieval figures. 正确答案! General Prologue Prologue

     Which of the following is not the effect of “Norman Conquest”?

    正确答案! C. The decline of Christianity.

     Beowulf is of heritage, and contains evidently pre-Christian elements. 正确答案! Germanic

     is the most important writer of the 14th cent ury. 正确答案! d. Chaucer

     The 15th century saw the development of popular literature, chiefly popular , and

    miracle and morality plays in the later part of the century. 正确答案! ballads

     In 410, the Romans abandoned the island, which marks the end of “ ”.

    正确答案! Roman Conquest

     Chaucer’s masterpiece is .

    正确答案! A. The Canterbury Tales

     Critics tend to divide Chaucer’s literary career into three periods: the French period, the period and the English period.

    正确答案! Italian

     The narrative poems in the Middle English period fell roughly into three subject groups: “The

    Matter of ”, “The Matter of Britain” and “The Matter of Rome”.

    正确答案! France

     The most important work of Alfred the Great is ____, which is regarded as the best monument of the Old English prose.

    正确答案! D. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

     Chaucer’s active career provided him not only with knowledge but also experiences, which

    accounted for the wide range of his writings. The following are all his career EXCEPT . 正确答案! D. businessman and churchman

     The Canterbury Tales contains the ____ and 24 tales, two of which left unfinished. 正确答案! General Prologue Prologue

     The beginning of settlement in Britain took place in about 700 B. C. The settlers were Celtic-speaking tribes called .

    正确答案! Britons

     In 1066, led the Norman army to invade and defeat England.

    正确答案! D. William the Conqueror

     _____is the most prevailing literary form in the Middle Ages.

    正确答案! Romance

     In the 14th century, the two most famous are and Langland.

    正确答案! Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer

     The main in The Canterbury Tales is especially interesting, in which Chaucer draws a group of vivid sketches of typical medieval figures from different walks of life, 正确答案! General Prologue Prologue

     In 55 B. C., Britain was invaded by the Roman general . 正确答案! A. Julius Caesar

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