3 Plug Ignition Inst.. - Geisick

By Dolores Dunn,2014-11-14 08:12
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3 Plug Ignition Inst.. - Geisick

    3 Plug Ignition Installation Instructions

    Please read instructions fully before starting. Parts and tools required are: ~20 inches of

    black wire and 20 inches of red wire, 1 mail connector that fits the wire harness yellow

    wire, 1 eye loop wire connector, a wire stripper and crimper.

    1. The stock coil location is two small for these two new coils. Some fabrication is

    required to mount the new coils in another place, and generally the further away

    from the CDI box the better. Don’t mount the coils under the seat or behind the

    engine. The coils create electrical interference with the CDI which leads to

    ignition problems.

    a. The best place to mount the coils is up in front of the gas tank. Typically

    there is plenty of room in front of the gas tank where the stock radiator fan

    and thermostat sit (only works if you aren’t running a fan or thermostat)

    2. After the coils are securely mounted make sure they have a good ground. The

    mounting bolts connect the ground for the coils to the frame.

3. The wires for the stock coil have one

    yellow wire and one black wire as

    seen in the picture to the right. The

    yellow wire is the positive wire and

    the black is ground.

4. First a splice for both the ground and positive wires is needed. To do this an “eye

    loop” connector is needed. It should be big enough to fit on the mounting bolts.

5. Cut two sections of black wire about

    10 inches long (use longer if needed).

    Then strip the wires so there is about

    1/2” of bare wire showing. Twist the

    two bare sections of the wire

    together and then insert them in to

    the “eye loop” connector, and crimp

    the wires firmly in place. The end

    result will look like the connector in

    the picture to the right.

    6. Once you have your negative wire connector made crimp an end to the other side

    of the wires. This connector is supplied with the coils. There is a bag of red wire

    connectors which comes with the coils. Use the 90 degree terminal connectors for

    setup seven.

    7. Run the black wires to the negative terminals and cut the wires to length (the

    negative terminals are the ones without red dots). Then install one of the red wire

    connectors supplied with the ignition coils onto the end of the black wire.

    8. Install the negative cables that were just made, and you are now done with the

    negative wiring aspect. The eye loop connector hooks onto the mounting bolts for

    the coils along with the factory negative wire shown in the first picture. Both the

    factory wire and the terminal wire created are installed on the same coil bolt.

    9. The positive terminal cables will be made much like the negative cables. Instead

    of using an eye loop connector a male connector that fits the stock wire harness

    female connector will be utilized.

10. Cut two 10” sections of red wire (use

    longer if needed). Strip about ?” of

    wire on each end of the wire sections

    you just cut. Twist the two bare

    strips together and insert them into

    the male connector. Crimp the

    connector, and install into the wire

    harness. Finish product should look

    like the picture on the right.

    11. Run the red wires up to the positive terminal on the coils (positive terminals have

    red dots by them). Cut them to length and install the connectors supplied with the

    coils. (use the straight red connectors)

12. Install the two wires you just made, and you are now done.

Notes on things to check:

    1. Make sure you have the positive cables (the ones coming from the yellow factory

    wire) connected to the positive terminals on the coils. The positive coil terminals

    are marked with a red dot. If these get switch with the negative terminals damage

    can be caused to the coils and the engine will not run correctly.

    2. Heat shrink is highly recommended on the positive cables. Also the use of

    electrical tap to ensure a tight seal is very important. Water damage can short out

    the coils and cause electrical damage.

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