2013-08-23 Leadership Training - Troop 935

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2013-08-23 Leadership Training - Troop 935

    Troop 935 Campout

    Parent/guardian needs to fill out the last page and turn into Troop Scribe rdby August 23, 2013

    Event : Leadership Training Campout at Salt Fork Destination : Salt Fork State Park Lore City, Ohio

    Dates : August 23rd - 25th, 2013

    Depart from : McDonaldsville United Methodist Church, 8/23/13 Time: 5:30 PM

    Return to : McDonaldsville United Methodist Church, 8/25/13 Time: 12:00 PM

    Fees: $13 (Includes camp fees, meals and transportation) Meals: The campout will be patrol cooking. Grub Master budget is $11 per scout for these meals:

    Permission Form and Fees Due: at August 20th, 2031 Scout meeting

    Personal Equipment Needed: Clothing & equipment for early spring/fall weather see below. Check

    weather forecasts to help in packing proper gear!

    Leader in Charge: Paul Smith home: 330 494 0244 cell: 954 801 6720 (availability subject to cell coverage

    in camp area). In case of an emergency, contact Paul Smith at 954 801 6720

Activity Notes: We will be camping and cooking using the patrol method. Each patrol will handle their meal

    menus, food requisition, cooking, cleanup, and equipment use. We will be completing a service project at the

    park, and conducting leadership for scouts in their new leadership positions along with swimming and hiking.

    Check out more about the park at

    Advancement Watch: The following requirements will be addressed at this campout!!! Tenderfoot 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 4c 5, 8

    Second Class 1a, 1b, 2, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f, 3g

    First Class 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e, 8a

    Camping Merit Badge Requirements 4, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e, 8c, 9c,

    Cooking Merit Badge - 3, 4

    Communications Merit Badge 8

For rank advancement make sure you alert your patrol leader that you need these signed off!!

    Minimum Recommended Camping Personal Gear:

    Fall/Spring Gear list (temperatures to range from 30-60 ?F):

    Backpack or duffle bag with garbage Scout handbook, Scout Field Book, paper, Toiletries - tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, wash cloth, bag for rain cover pen/pencil, any other materials to work on chap stick, deodorant, mirror, tissues, comb, glasses,

    merit badges or advancement. glasses case, contacts, contact case and solution,

    retainers, night headgear, etc

    Spring/winter coat Socks Mess kit

    Poncho/rain gear Hiking boots and/or shoes Canteen/water bottle

    Pants Flashlight, with spare batteries & bulbs Water proof sleeping pad, drop cloth, or

    tarp for under sleeping bag

    Sweatshirts Sleeping bag, small pillow Fire starter kit

    T-shirt, Scouting appropriate Knot rope, about 3 foot in length First aid kit

    Sleeping clothes - hoodie & sweat pants Pocket knife (no fixed blades) Underwear

     Swim Suite

    Troop 935 Discipline Policy

    The Boy Scouts of America have two "sets of ideals" which govern the conduct of any Scout. These are the SCOUT OATH and the SCOUT LAW. When a boy becomes a Scout and at the beginning of each meeting he promises to try to live these ideals. A list of rules and regulations would do nothing more than repeat what is already contained in the Scout Oath and Law. Every Scout in Troop 935 and every guest attending any Troop 935 function is expected to behave according to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Our procedure for dealing with Scouts who become a behavior problem is as follows:

    o General discipline within the Troop is the ultimate responsibility of the Scoutmaster or the Leader in Charge of an activity. Unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated include but are not limited to lying, stealing, fighting, swearing, failing to follow directions, or taking part in discussions of topics not appropriate for Scouting. It is inappropriate and unacceptable to 'talk back' to any leaders, or be unkind to any other Scout.

    o Boy or Adult Scout leaders of this Troop are NOT to be disciplinarians of any boy, and will not attempt to fill this role for a boy’s parents.

    o The Scout must realize that at all times he represents The Boy Scouts of America, Buckeye Council, Troop 935, and lastly, themselves to the people around him and must be on his best behavior at all times as said representative.

    o Any boy who misbehaves will meet and discuss with the Scoutmaster or Leader in Charge, in an attempt to solve the problem. This may be the only warning the boy will receive that his behavior is not acceptable. o If a Scout's behavior continues to contradict the Scout Oath and Scout Law after a reasonable effort has been made, then the Scoutmaster or Leader in Charge may decide that it is necessary to have the Scout’s parent retrieve him, regardless of location and time.

    o Before the Scout can resume activities with the Troop, a conference is to be held with the Troop Committee representative, Scoutmaster, Scout, and Parent/Guardian to decide an appropriate course of action. At a minimum, the Scout shall be suspended from attending or participating in any Troop 935 Scouting function for one week.

    o If the Scout's behavior has not improved after the above steps the Scoutmaster may request the Troop Committee’s involvement to resolve the situation.

    o Scouts are not to bring any electronic devices that are not approved by leaders prior to the campout.

    A cell phone is permissible but it is to be kept stowed in personal gear until Sunday morning as we are arriving back at the Church. All electronic devices will be confiscated and returned only to the PARENT when the violation is discussed with one of the leaders.

    Troop 935 Medication Policy

    Please read the following if your son needs to given medication while participating in this activity. oAll medication to be hand delivered by the parent or guardian to the Scoutmaster or Leader in Charge of an activity prior to departure for this activity.

    oScout leaders will return said medication to parent or guardian upon returning from activity. oAll medication shall be in a plastic zip-lock bag that has the Scout’s name clearly printed on it.

    oOnly the proper amount of medication for the time frame of this activity shall be sent. oDo not send full bottles of medication.

    oAll medication must be sent in the original prescription bottles.

    oA printed note from the parent/guardian must be in the zip-lock bag and must contain:

    parent/guardian's name, phone number, and signature;

    the time of day the medication is to be given;

    proper dosage for each medication;

    any other instructions or information pertaining to the medication.

    Failure to do any of the above will mean your Scout will not be

    allowed to participate in this activity!

    Troop 935 Activity Permission Slip

Event : Leadership Training Campout at Salt Fork

    Destination : Salt Fork State Park Lore City, Ohio

    Dates : August 23rd - 25th, 2013

    Scout Name: ________________________________ Age: _______ Patrol: _____________ The undersigned parent or guardian attests to the following:

    1. I am the legal parent or guardian of the Scout named above and I am legally able to give my consent for the Scout to participate in

    this Troop activity and I hereby give consent.

    2. I have read, understand, and accept the included Troop 935 Disciplinary Policy and if determined necessary by Troop Leaders, will

    provide transportation home for my Scout, at any hour.

    3. I understand that certain costs are incurred with all Troop activities (food, reservation fees, etc.). If my Scout should decide not to

    attend or fail to show up at predetermined departure time, he will forfeit any and all fees incurred during the Troop activity.

    4. My Scout is in good health and has no major illness or change in his health status since the last Personal Health and Medical History

    form was submitted to the Troop.

    5. I have read, understand, and followed the Troop 935 Medication Policies, as applicable. 6. In case of medical emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me. In the event I cannot be reached, I give my

    permission to the physician selected by the Troop Leaders to secure proper treatment, including hospitalization or medications for

    my Scout. (Please list any exceptions.)

    7. I will make sure my son is present prior to the determined departure time & will be properly equipped and clothed for this activity.

    Upon return, I will pick him up on time at the location determined.

    8. I will work with the Troop Transportation Chair to make sure an adequate amount of drivers and adults will be available to provide

    transportation for all Troop members. I will do my share by pitching in and contributing to the transportation needs of this Troop. 9. I will accept that the adult leaders of this activity will be acting in the best interest of the Scouts of Troop 935 in accordance with BSA

    Safe Scouting Guidelines. I agree to hold them harmless for any attempts to do what is in any and all of the participants’ best


    Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______________

    Relationship: _____________________________________________________ Names of parents/guardians/troop leaders who will also attend:



Circle Departure: ____

    Transportation: Please check at least one of following: adult can drive ( to Salt Fork ____ ) ( from Salt Fork ____ )

    FOR YOUR SCOUT TO ATTEND, YOU MUST LIST AT LEAST TWO PHONE CONTACTS: *Primary Contact: Name of responsible adult: ____________________________ Phone #: _____________ *First Alternate: Name of responsible adult: ____________________________ Phone #: _____________ *Second Alternate: Name of responsible adult: ____________________________ Phone #: _____________ Payment: Amount: $________ by: cash / check (checks payable to: ‘Troop 935’ )

    Received by (Troop Scribe/Leader initials): _______________ Date: ___________ or

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