260513 - Medium-Voltage Cales - the Port of Portland

By Kathleen Bennett,2014-11-14 08:07
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260513 - Medium-Voltage Cales - the Port of Portland

    This master should be used by designers working on Port of Portland construction projects and by designers working for PDX tenants (“Tenants”). Usage notes highlight a few specific editing choices, however the entire section should be evaluated and

    edited to fit specific project needs.




    A. This section describes cables and related splices, terminations and accessories for medium-

    voltage electrical distribution systems.


    A. AEIC: Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

    1. AEIC C56

    B. ANSI: American National Standards Institute

    1. ANSI C119.2: Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors,

    Hard, Medium-Hard, or Soft

    C. ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials:

    1. ASTM B8: Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors,

    Hard, Medium-Hard, or Soft

    D. ICEA: Insulated Cable Engineers Association

    1. ICEA S-93-639: 5-46kV Shielded Power Cable for Use in the Transmission and

    Distribution of Electric Energy

    E. IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

    1. IEEE 383: Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Electric Cables and Field Splices for

    Nuclear Power Generating Stations

    F. UL: Underwriters Laboratory

    1. UL 1072: Standard for Medium-Voltage Power Cables


    A. “Pre-Bid Approved Equal” Submittal Requirements:

    1. To be considered, the following specific information and product samples shall be


    a. A sample of each type of proposed cable, 2-foot length, identical in construction

    and ratings to that specified.

    b. Manufacturer’s product data sheet.

    c. Copies of manufacturer’s certification of cable manufacturing experience.

    d. Copies of manufacturer’s certification of insulation performance.

     11/14/2013 MEDIUM-VOLTAGE CABLES C:\CONVERT\TEMP\725500908.DOC 260513-1

B. Contract Submittal Requirements:

    1. Submit manufacturers’ product data for the following materials:

    a. 15 kV cable.

    b. 5 kV cable.

    c. 15 kV terminators.

    d. 5 kV terminators.

    e. Splices.

    f. Lubricants.

    g. Cable supports:

    1) Racks.

    2) Standoff Insulators.

    3) Kellums type grips.

    h. Cable grips.

    i. Copies of manufacturer’s certified test results prior to installation of cable.

    j. Copies of manufacturer’s certification that the cable has been produced within the

    last 12 months.

    C. Contractual Field Test Results:

    1. Prior to the work being performed:

    a. Cable pulling and sidewall pressure calculations 2 weeks prior to pull. Submit

    pulling plan.

    b. Devices used to measure pulling tension, such as a dynamometer specification

    sheet and calibration.

    c. DC High Potential Test equipment model and calibration date.

    2. After work is performed:

    a. DC high potential tests within 2 weeks of when work was performed.

    b. Cable pulling installation maximum tensions within 5 days of when work was


    c. Phasing test.


    A. Each reel of cable shall be tested in accordance with ICEA and shall meet or exceed ICEA


    B. Each reel of cable shall be newly manufactured (no more than 12 months old), and shall bear a

    tag containing the name of the manufacturer, NEC designation, and year of manufacture. C. Submit documentation from the cable manufacturer demonstrating a minimum of 35 years of

    experience in cable construction, including formulating and manufacturing the ethylene

    propylene rubber compound in-house and under direct control of the manufacturer’s quality

    control and manufacturing processes and standards.

    D. Submit documentation from the cable manufacturer demonstrating a minimum of 30 years of

    successful performance using the same insulation compound.

    E. The manufacturer shall be a company specializing in manufacturing medium voltage cable

    and/or accessories with a minimum of 15 years’ documented expertise in producing cable

    and/or accessories similar to those specified. The cable shall have a 40-year design life.

     11/14/2013 MEDIUM-VOLTAGE CABLES C:\CONVERT\TEMP\725500908.DOC 260513-2

    F. Ensure that the cable manufacturer maintains a quality testing program consistent with IEEE

    383. This standard is intended to demonstrate that a cable insulation system will perform for a

    minimum of 40 years. The requirements in IEEE 383 include, but are not limited to, long-term

    aging, long-term moisture resistance, and chemical exposure at elevated temperatures. G. Installer: Engage a cable splicer, trained and certified by splice material manufacturer, to install,

    splice, and terminate medium-voltage cable.


    A. All cable ends shall be sealed to prevent the entrance of moisture during shipping, storage, and


    B. Before accepting cable delivery, inspect the outside of each cable reel and remove protruding

    nails, fastenings, or other objects which might damage the cable. Inspect for flaws, breaks, or

    abrasions in the cable sheath as the cable leaves the reel. Damage to the sheath or finish of the

    cable shall be sufficient cause for rejecting the cable. Cable damaged in any way during

    installation shall be replaced at no additional cost to the contract.


    Tenants: Throughout Part 2, delete all instances of “or pre-bid approved equal” and replace with “no substitution,” unless

    otherwise noted.

    2.1 GENERAL

    A. Type, size, and number of conductors shall be as specified on the drawings or schedules. 2.2 COLOR CODING

    A. Power Conductors: Single-conductor power conductors shall have 3/4-inch vinyl colored

    plastic tape applied in 3-inch lengths around the cable at each end. The cables shall be colored

    at terminations and in pull boxes, handholes, and manholes:

    Phase A Brown

    Phase B Orange

    Phase C Yellow

    Ground Green

    Neutral White


    A. The medium-voltage power cable shall be suitable for use in all raceways except cable trays.

    The cable shall meet the requirements of ICEA S-93-639 and UL 1072.

     11/14/2013 MEDIUM-VOLTAGE CABLES C:\CONVERT\TEMP\725500908.DOC 260513-3

    B. Characteristics:

    5 kV or 15 kV as indicated on the drawings. 1. Voltage:

    Single conductor, uncoated copper, Class B, stranded in accordance 2. Conductor:

    with ASTM B8. UL tested, listed, labeled, and factory certified for

    105ºC operation.

    Extruded 100 percent ethylene propylene rubber-based semi-3. Strand shield:

    conducting stress relief layer. No polyethylene is permitted as a

    component of this layer.

    100 percent ethylene propylene (EPR), Type MV-105, rated 4. Insulation:

    continuous 105ºC, emergency 140ºC, short circuit 250ºC, wall

    thickness rated for 133 percent insulation level. No polyethylene is

    permitted as a component of this layer.

    Extruded 100 percent ethylene propylene rubber-based semi-5. Insulation Screen:

    conducting stress relief layer. No polyethylene is permitted as a

    component of this layer.

    5 mil uncoated copper tape helically applied with 12.5 percent 6. Shield:


    Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/10 mil thickness flame retardant, MV-105 7.