A Way To Rainy Mountain

By Ana Peterson,2014-01-15 08:22
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A Way To Rainy Mountain

    A Way to Rainy Mountain

    ---History of Blood and Tears

     After I learned the article “A Way to Rainy Mountain, I saw the

    heart-rending history of American Indians. Here I’d like to talk about

    some personal view about cultural chauvinism.

     The American Indians native culture has undergone severe erosions of so called modern civilization so that it has gradually collapsed. What caused their miseries was, actually, the modern civilization. Cultural chauvinism triggered the bloody slaughter, the expulsion and the segregation upon American Indians. The most astonishing one was the Americans evil behavior to kill all the buffalos and left them eroding on the prairie. They tried to use such way to alter American Indians traditional way of life; of course, the first thing was to cut off their food resources.

    However, the material deprivation was not that much horrible and painful than cultural purge. In the name of civilization, Americans forced the Indians to change their traditional “savage” lifestyle and lived under

    American’s roof, which caused the loss of Indians own identity and the

    disillusionment. Supposed ones soul has lost, how can he survive in

    others culture? The American Indians found that they couldnt melt in

    Americans; they couldnt clean themselves into white no matter from

    external and internal aspect.

     Therefore, I reckon that cultural chauvinism will only trigger the extinction of some traditional civilizations; undoubtedly, an important part of human civilization. Perhaps, the better way is to respect the existence of every culture, for each of them has its own special value. People should not so arrogant, so selfish, and so cruel to force anyone belonging to another culture betray theirs and instill another one. Only in this way, can we still keep the balance of the spiritual world without depriving the minority losing the sense of belonging.




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