Fountain Caterers

By Annie Ramos,2014-03-28 17:42
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Fountain Caterers

    Fountain Caterers

    Amrish Arora 98200 33646, Neelesh Choubal 9819999895, Joseph Dias 9819999892

    Santosh Singh 981 9999 896, Central Kitchen 6571 7777, Restaurant 4064 7777

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    House Party Menu



    1. Bang Bang Chicken

    2. Thai BBQ chicken Skewers with celery & chilly drip 3. Panko crumb Fried fish with Tobanjen or fish Yakitori Skewers

    4. Prawn in burnished garlic (Cambay) or Chilled prawns with thousand island dressing

    in Champagne Saucers

    5. Steamed Prawns & Chive Dim Sums


    1. Black pepper potatoes with Garlic Cream

    2. Asparagus & Water Chest nuts on Gourmet Spoons

    3. Smoked Cottage Cheese with Dry Black bean Chilly

    4. Glazed Oriental Mushrooms

    5. Silken tofu Agedashi on gourmet spoons

    6. Steamed Shitake-Water Chestnuts Dim Sums


    1. Prawn Tempura & Spicy Mayo Ura Maki

    2. Spicy Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sushi

    3. Asparagus & Vegetable Tempura Sushi 4. Pesto Torte served with Crispy Pita, Melba and crusty French bread

    5. Raw Mango & Water chest nuts Salad

    6. Arugula , Mandarin & Feta Salad

    7. Smoked ham



    1. Steamed Thai Style Fish with Celery & Bird Chiles or Grilled fish with balsamic

    vinegar, plum jam , soya sauce reduction

    2. Chicken Yellow Thai curry spicy

    3. Chicken ‘N’ Basil with Crushed Peanuts & Lemon Wedges or Chicken with 5 spice

    and lemon coriander


    1. Thai green curry Vegetables

    2. Pad Thai Noodles with Veggies & Crushed Peanuts or Buck Wheat Teppan soba 3. Four season Beans with Home made tofu or Thai style Greens in a red curry paste

    with mushroom oyster sauce

    4. Steamed Lemon Coriander rice OR Lotus leaf rice cooked in earthen pots (large size)


    1. Fresh Mango Cheese Cake Or Mango Meringue special

    2. Assorted Tarts (Tiramisu in Shot Glasses, Chocolate Cases With mousse & Roasted

    Almonds & Lemon Tequila Tarts)

    3. Chocolate Mikado Crunch

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